good googly moogly.

Holy Crap.

The school, it seems, shall kick my butt this term – it’s my very last term of school (perhaps forever) and I have So. Much. Work. Seriously, I have all kinds of little assignments, all one after the other, rather than just a couple big papers like I was expecting. The calendar is filling up and I’m already behind.

That being said, I have a lot of reading and can knit while I read (at least, I hope I can with the readings this term). So maybe there will be some knitting content after all.

With the several sweaters I have on the needles already, I still had itchy fingers. So I cast on for yet another one…

A top-down sweatercoat thingy. It doesn’t have any buttonholes at the moment, so if I want to do something later it might be clasps or buttonloops or a zipper or, of course, I could just pick up and knit buttonbands later.

I’m quite enjoying the cabled raglan lines.

(Since I know someone will ask: it’s my own pattern.)

I’m using Elann Highland Chunky at a tighter gauge (18 sts/4″ on 5mm needles) to hopefully help curb pilling. And I’m using my new pink Denises! Yes, I already have a set. No, I don’t think that’s too many needles!

Off to do some reading. And maybe knitting, too.



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5 responses to “good googly moogly.”

  1. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    I love the cables in the raglan.

    I’m using that yarn too at 19 sts/4″ for Rogue and I like the structure of it. It also gives off such a nice, soft halo.

  2. Dipsy D. Avatar

    Oh gosh, this is going to look absolutely amazing – I *adore* the cabled raglan line, and what a gorgeous yarn you’re using for it – yummy!

  3. gleek Avatar

    love the cabled raglan line :)

    and i bought the pink set as well for my 2.5th set (i bought an old orphaned set off of ebay a while back that’s not a full set to go with my first full set.) no it’s not too many needles!

  4. Alice Avatar

    I knit too loosely so I could never fit that many stitches in per inch with a bulky yarn. I use a #5 and get only 18st/4″ with Paton’s Classic Merino. Looking forward to the FO pics. Hang in there with the schoolwork– the end is near!

  5. Leigh Avatar

    I’ve never seen cabeled raglan lines and I am soooo impressed. It will be a beautiful sweater.

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