rachel m’s getting married!

Overnight bag packed (except toiletries).
Correct undergarment located (low-back strapless girdle thing).
New makeup purchase, test-tried, and packed.
Lace ladder shrug finished (just this morning…it would’ve been faster had I not had to rip out six inches yesterday).
Beaded necklace done! It’s awesome, and pretty darn heavy.
Camera, phone and ipod charged.
GO train ticket located.

Not yet done:
Nails (just a quick coat).
Pack knitting (a gift for little Penelope’s birthday on tuesday).
Locate and pack shoes.
Pack snacks.
Shower and hair.

I’ll be getting dressed and painted once I get to the hotel later. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos!

7 Responses to “going-to-a-wedding checklist”

  1. Leslie

    Have fun! Will be dying to see the pics of the necklace. You have to bring it to LK for us to drool over.
    Ever thought of teaching a beading class or doing some for $$? I have some red coral, iolite and green chalcedony that’s crying out to be done and it just beyond my scope of skill.

    I’m sure you will be a stunner in the shrug and all bejewelled!

  2. Rachel H

    Have fun, and take Megan’s advice! Looking forward to pics.

  3. Erica

    Your shrug and necklace were both wonderful. :)

    It was nice to meet you!


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