Giveaway Winner and a knitting update!

The Random Number generator has picked Timiae as the winner of my On My Way ebook! Congratulations Timiae, I’ve sent you an email :)


I was nearly done this sweater back that I started in Vancouver, but it was apparent that I didn’t have enough of this Anzula Haiku to finish the project so I ripped it out. I’m not giving up on the wrap sweater concept though!

anzula haiku

I cast off and blocked this new shawl design and I am so in love with it! I used 2 skeins of Alisha Goes Around fingering weight yarn, and I’m starting another in laceweight so you can see how that looks.

new shawl design!

I swatched for a new sweater in Tosh Vintage. It’s so squishy, especially after all the very rustic wooly yarns I’ve been knitting lately. Gosh I love knitting sweaters. Too bad I don’t have bionic wrists or something though, because my wrist has been pretty grumpy lately.

swatchy swatchy

I’m also jonesing for a nice plain sweater in a cozy brown, so I dug up this interesting yarn that’s been in my stash for ages.

more swatching

It’s a very round, multiplied yarn similar to Zara, and I knit up a swatch to 6 sts/in on 3.75mm. I didn’t get this yarn in Japan, but rather from a now-defunct yarn shop in a Chinese mall in Markham!

Japanese yarn label

Japanese yarn label



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3 responses to “Giveaway Winner and a knitting update!”

  1. Brandy Avatar

    Love your knitting updates. The shawl looks absolutely gorgeous and I can almost squish that tosh vintage through the computer screen!

  2. Michelle Nussey Avatar

    Believe it or not, I use athletic tape around my wrist when it starts aching and it helps a lot. I get it from a drug store and it’s called KT Tape. You wouldn’t think it does much, but it is wonderful!

  3. Leslieann Avatar

    Can you recommend an alternative to the Sockenwolle? It doesn’t seem to be readily available in the US. (I’ve had problems when I have tried to substitute yarns on my own!) I love this pattern and am eager to get started! Thanks, Leslie