Frolic ’10

It was a dreary, blustery, rainy day – so what better than surrounding oneself with wool?

I love the Knitter’s Frolic. It’s gotten bigger and bigger every year, and even aside from the awesome yarn and yarny stuff I love the opportunity to see the people! I know lots of knitters (as you might expect) and I just love that at the Frolic I tend to see people I know where ever I turn. I headed up with Jane and Cheryl for a few hours (thanks for the ride Cheryl!) and had lots of fun.

And! There were Milkweed Shawls a-plenty! I saw a few in booths, and some being worn, like these beautiful ones:

milkweed #1

another Milkweed

(Neither are sneaky photos, just so y’know!)

And of course, the yaaaarn.

Zen Yarn Garden:
zen yarn garden

Dyed in the Wool Handmade:
dyed in the wool

Tanis’ beautiful Mulberry Silk:
tanis mulberry silk

I bought a bunch of books – although I’m regretting not buying more Japanese books! – and one sweater’s worth of yarn, a semi-solid Koigu in a shade of deep red that seems to be impossible to photograph.

I love yarn events! I already can’t wait till next year.



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9 responses to “Frolic ’10”

  1. Rae Avatar

    The shawls are gorgeous & so isn’t the yarn. I am glad you had a great time. I am going to have to check out some of those yarns.

  2. Melinda Avatar

    How does it feel to see your designs knitted by others?:)

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love the yarn photos. It’s this wonderful kaleidoscope of color, and makes me miss Rheinbeck (maybe I’ll get to go this year).

  4. Knittripps Avatar

    Yarn events are fun! I wish I had the opportunity to go to more of them :)

  5. Mary Avatar

    The colours of the yarn are amazing. I wish I can fly over from London to see all those yarns.

  6. knittingoutloud Avatar

    Luscious yarns!!!

  7. Wendolene Avatar

    Ooh–thanks for the pictures of the Milkweed in its “natural habitat”! Seeing them worn makes me want to whip one up myself…

  8. Silverilix Avatar

    Wow… those are some great photos of yarn. It sounds like you had a great time! I love fibre festivals…. can’t wait for the next one.

  9. Maggie Avatar

    Thanks for including a photo of my booth! :) Much obliged. :)

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