I finally wrote my last exam of the summer yesterday, and now I’ve got a whole three weeks off before the fall term starts! Yippee! Although, I did decide to finally get off my ass about driving, so the week of the 29th I’ll be in 5-day intensive driving school….but at least it’s not regular school!

And since you asked so nicely lynette…

I wore OSW for a short period yesterday to take this photo, and to make dinner. I found that…I didn’t like wearing it. Armpit wedgie, and all that. It may have just been that particular shirt, though – I’ll give it another go sometime.

In the meanwhile, I whipped up one (just one) handwarmer for my little sister’s birthday, out of leftover Shine. It’s cute! And since it only took about an hour, I can afford to wait a few days before doing the other one. I think she wants a scarf, too – maybe I should just get it all done so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I spun this up:

I’m calling it “haze”, but I’m too lazy to figure out the yardage. Something like 200 yards, probably. I’ve got another 4 oz of this colourway, but…I don’t think I like it much. Maybe I’ll overdye it; I haven’t done any dyeing in a long while!

Annnndddd…..presenting the beginning of the Rebecca Jacke….en blueberry. Yep, I just went completely elsewhere with the colour. This was what I wanted to do the sweater originally (months ago) but I thought maybe I should do it in something brighter. But jae was right – fall is coming, after all.

I’m aware the ribbing kind of looks like crap. But, this is cotton-ease that was already knit into Syncopated Ribs (from IK fall 2004) and then frogged. Washing will help. Just a few more cm’s and I’ll be ready to start the back yarnover pattern!






8 responses to “freedom!”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Your shrug is really cute! I like the little glovelet for your sister, too ;).

  2. Julie Avatar

    The stitchwork looks crumby on mine too–all throughout. I sometimes wonder if the specified yarn–GGH Java–would have been better. It’s described as “cripsy” on Yarnware.

    There’s finally a knitalong for it, did you see? This would have been helpful when I was first struggling with the first piece, the back. This has been said a lot, but the syntax of that pattern is horrid! That statement has been made almost as much as “Rowan 30 sucks,” which, in my view, it doesn’t. I just think everyone wants to copy “the cool kids” in blog world and say it does because Kim H. is no longer in the stable. All her patterns were variations on about 4 themes anyway, and other, newer designers are being taken to task for the same thing. I think it’s unconscious xenophobia–the fear of the new.

    Didn’t mean to get on a soapbox on your blog, Laura. We’ll talk later, I hope.

  3. Julie Avatar

    I meant Rowan #38. It’s Rebecca that #30 in its most recent issue. Did you see the preview, by the way, which just went up today? Also, the super kid mohair booklet looks nice too.

  4. Karma Avatar

    Nice choice for Rebecca Jacke! It will be very different from the others out there in blogland. Have fun! Mine’s ready to be blocked…

  5. Dani Avatar

    Nice OSW – can you bring it to the shop tonight? I would love to try it on….

  6. Samantha Avatar

    I wondered about armpit wedgies with the OSW too, which is why I haven’t made one for myself just yet. :)

    The handwarmer looks great, as does the start of your Jacket. :)

  7. Wanda Avatar

    That’s too bad you don’t like the OSW. It looks very cute on. I didn’t like the armpit wedgies either, but after a time, it doesn’t bother me anymore, which is kind of strange, but true.

  8. lynette Avatar

    i like the way it looks! sorry that it feels uncomfortable on you. when i wear my OSW, i have the armpit issue also. i wonder if i made it too small. i’ll just have to make another one. and i love you handspun yarn.

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