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I finished my Sheepcote! Of course, it’s about 30C too hot to wear it, but I’m sure it’ll see lots of action in the fall. I’ve photographed it with jeans, but I’d definitely wear it over a tank dress or with a nice full skirt. I made size 37 3/4″, and used the same size needles as in the pattern.


For my version, I did a few things differently. I chose a yarn with more drape than the original Green Mountain Spinnery (which is also awesome) – I used Manos silk blend in Juniper (3043) and Nickel (3031). I love this yarn, it’s so soft and luminous! I bought all the skeins in the shop, but I was a bit short on yardage so I had to be a bit creative. I did decide to omit the waist shaping (which would have used less yarn) for a more casual body shape.


I made it a little less blouse-y in the yoke, by working the first decrease round at about half the yoke height, working even for a bit longer before the second decrease round, and working fewer short rows. I was juuuust able to get enough yoke height with the amount of Juniper that I had (I think it was 6 skeins) before starting the contrast ribbed collar.




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6 responses to “FO: Sheepcote”

  1. Meredith MC Avatar
    Meredith MC

    It’s lovely. That blue is Gorgeous.

  2. Katinka Avatar

    Pretty, pretty blue! It looks great on you. :)

  3. Dani Avatar

    Love it Laura! It looks great on you. And love the new site too!

  4. Monique Avatar

    Laura the sweater is flawless! Your work is always so meticulous! I love your new home as well. I just moved into a new site myself. Aren’t new home exciting!

  5. Phoe Avatar

    Looks great, Laura!

  6. Cindy Stubbs Avatar
    Cindy Stubbs

    Great colors. Love, love, love what you make, and no choky collar!

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