FO: Roundabout tank

roundabout tank

Roundabout Leaf Tank
Pattern: Roundabout Leaf Tank from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Nashua Ecologie Cotton, 6 skeins
Needles: Denise US 7

I knit pretty much this entire tank on my trip to Texas and the cruise in May, but held off just on sewing the straps down until just now! I had to do one of them twice, actually, because I’d knit one strap just slightly (about 3 rows?) longer than the other and it was noticable to me when it was all done. So I had to detach that strap, rip back a few rows, bind off again, and sew it back on.

The yarn is really nice stuff, naturally dyed and makes a fabulous fabric. A bit splitty, as with most multi-ply cottons, but nothing overly annoying. The slight variation in the colour really works with this design.

The pattern was really great fun. Easy to remember (although some of my leaves may be slightly larger than the pattern called for due to my inability to count rows), easy to just pick up and put down whenever. I knit quite a bit of it on the plane from Detroit to Houston, and a lot on the cruise, in the evenings in the room.

roundabout tank bust

I did have some futzing to do with the decreases around the bust – I think I may have joined a little earlier than the pattern called for, and my row gauge was probably off (yes, I am being vague) so I ended up needing to do a lot more of the “work even” part once the decreases were actually done, to have it end in the right place. And even then, I don’t think it really did….but it all worked out.

Also, in the back, my straps don’t meet in the middle like is called for in the pattern. I’m not actually quite sure what happened there, but it looks fine.

Now the big question of course, why aren’t I modelling it myself? Well, firstly I wanted to take it to the store as a sample for the yarn, and didn’t have a chance to do the modelling thing at home before I did. And well, I’m not super thrilled with it – I really, really love the way it looks on the hanger, but I’m not that hot on how it looks on me.

I think the shorter portion of the body is a bit too short, so it shows a bit of belly which I’m not hot on. And I don’t know that I actually wear knit tanks, even with all my knitting of them! Maybe I’ll like it as more of a vest over another shirt, or something. Or maybe I just need to give it a little time to grow on me (also literally, perhaps it will lengthen slightly with hanging).

I’m just bursting with things to blog about! More soon!



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10 responses to “FO: Roundabout tank”

  1. Arianne Avatar

    I got this book for my birthday and that tank has been CALLING to me. I want to knit a sleeve for it which I hope to do by futzing with maths and making a sleeve that is constructed in the same way (and with the same details) as the body of the tank. This I think I can do with few problems (famous last words)…but due to the nature of the construction of the garment I’m not sure on how to make the short bit a bit longer so I don’t show all my belly…any suggestions?

    Yours has turned out beautifully, one of the best I’ve seen…so I thought you might have an idea?

  2. Anna Avatar

    Very cute!

  3. jane Avatar

    It’s gorgeous!

  4. Gale Avatar

    It sure is pretty. I hope it will grow on you.

  5. lekkercraft Avatar

    I think it looks great – I really need to get that book. I hope it makes lots of people want to buy the yarn at the store!

  6. Tara Avatar

    Very pretty! Those leaves, however, look like they are…strategically placed Adam-and-Eve leaves…on the mannequin. I wonder, do they hit you in such an…obvious place?
    I think this would look great as a vest, over a plain button down!

  7. Dr. Steph Avatar

    I like it. But you’re the one who has to wear it.

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Very nice! I’m working on that tank too. It’s nice to see a finished one. There aren’t many on the web and I was starting to get worried there was something impossible about the pattern or something.

  9. Michelle B Avatar

    I’ve been waiting for this one! I’m making it as well out of the Berroco denim (called for in the pattern). Her directions say to expect it to grow by 3 inches so it should solve your issues but the denim silk is very drapy so a different yarn may not grow as needed.

    It’s beautiful!!! Where did you get your dress Judy?

  10. rac Avatar

    I’m 100% with Tara: those leaves….
    This one it is not in my CosmicPluto Favorites. I’t looks strange, maybe because I like symmetric things.

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