Flora and Fauna!

I finally decided on a name and got everything all edited up and ready to go!

Flora and Fauna

Bees, Flowers and Leaves: A trio of patterns by Laura Chau

Light and lacy pieces perfect for the transition to fall and the last bit of summer warmth.

Featuring the Hibiscus Shawl, Macro Lace Cardigan and Honeybee Cardigan patterns.

Buying each pattern separately would cost $16.50 CAD. Buy the trio and get all three patterns for just $14 CAD!

Payment by Paypal (credit cards and Paypal balance). No account required.


Note: As of July 5, 2010, sales tax will be added to this price for all Canadian residents only. The rates are: British Columbia 12%; Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador 13%; Nova Scotia 15%; and everywhere else in Canada 5% GST. Tax will be added in the Paypal payment process.



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7 responses to “Flora and Fauna!”

  1. […] the first, fresh off the press. Laura Chau released her trio collection, Flora and Fauna, Bees Flowers and Leaves, this morning and one of the patterns is the long awaited Honeybee […]

  2. Bruxa Avatar

    I LOVE the Honeybee Cardigan! One more Cosmicpluto cardigan to my knitting queue, I’m afraid… ;)

    By the way Laura, you say that buying each pattern separately is $16.50. Isn’t that a typo? the price on the Honeybee webpage is $6.50…

  3. Bruxa Avatar

    Ok I got it know… it means the three of them would be $16.50 – not only the cardigan. Sorry for the confusion :P

  4. Maryse Avatar

    What a lovely name for the collection! Hope you are going to feel better soon!

  5. Jessica Avatar

    I’m loving this collection – just bought it and am off to add it to my Rav queue. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. Reve Avatar

    here i thought i had an original name when i posted it in the comments. to my dismay i was the second. great name and collection.

  7. […] Flora and Fauna ($14.00) – Three lovely patterns from Laura Chau. […]

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