finally, time for a real update.

I’ve been so busy lately and out of the house that it’s been difficult to blog! But since summer session is starting up on Monday, I’m sure I’ll be here procrastinating away ;)

Anyway, the ASC tank is done! This pic is pre-neckline crochet. Oy, that crochet was a pain – the neckline was fine, but the armholes were horrible. I ended up ripping about three times. I finally ended up doing one round of single crochet, then one round of reverse single crochet. I didn’t do the reverse sc on the neckline, but I might do it if it’s curling after it’s been blocked (which is currently). I’m really happy with how the top, especially the neckline, turned out.

An FO pic shall be up soon, followed by the pattern (provided I can remember what I did!). Vicki – I used colour 190, which appears to be discontinued.

In other news, remember this?

Well, it wasn’t working out between the Phildar jacket and me, so riiiiiip. It’s now being reincarnated into Ubernatural from magknits. Loving it.

I think I may need to ask for some help on the crochet on Soleil – I didn’t mind messing up the ASC tank, but Soleil’s so pretty, I don’t want to screw it up.

Off to knit – I’m hoping to weave in the ends on Soleil, and work on Ubernatural and the Wavy skirt – lots of things to do tonight!

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention – I received 5 balls of Strawberry Cream, sent all the way from Seattle from Karma! Thanks soooo much Karma!!







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  1. Karma Avatar

    Hey, you’re welcome! So glad I could help.

    I’ve been considering Ubernatural, too. It looks like such a quick and cozy knit. Gotta love Glampyre designs.

    P.S. I still can’t subscribe via bloglines! :(

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