finally, a real update!

I finally put the finishing touches on Elspeth!

Sorry it’s kind of dark; that’s what happens with dark brown!

Pattern: by Laura Long, from Rowan 37
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, just over 3 skeins for size small, “Coffee Bean”
Needles: Denise US8
Started: August 2, 2005
Finished: August 22, 2005

The knitting was fast, but boy was it confusing! I ended up writing out the fronts line-by-line, with where I needed to do increases and what pattern row I was on, although the actual lace pattern was pretty easy to memorize. I put off things like sewing up and the crochet edging, otherwise it would’ve been done faster! I made the 34″ even though I’m a 36″, because I wanted it to be fitted and the way the pattern is written gives an inch of ease – so for the 34″, it comes out 35″.

Hm, what else…oh, I ended up doing the crochet edging around the body THREE TIMES because it kept flaring out. Still flares slightly in the back neck, but since I can’t see it, it doesn’t bother me! The Calmer is just sooo soft and lovely, there’s definitely more of it in my knitting future.

Meanwhile, I’ve been chipping away at the deadline projects – I finished a scarf in Knitpicks Shine for my youngest sister yesterday (her birthday’s tomorrow). I just need to weave in the ends and wrap it up with the fingerless mitts and I’ll be all set.

I did take some time out of the knitting to make this, for Julie:

She gave me the jeans, I reconstructed. Came out well, and only took a little over an hour – although that was a somewhat aggravating hour.

Ah, and the problem with the Blueberry Jacke – here it is.

See the two markers (sorry for the blurriness!) in the middle there? They’re separated by p2, k2, p2. Now, the pattern calls for starting and ending the rib at the sides with p2, but I just thought psh, why would I want to seam reverse st st? So I started and ended with k2 instead…

…which lead to starting the diagonal pattern after a different number of stitches (to make it line up with the rib). That was fine. But what I forgot was that you’re supposed to do the diagonal pattern until there are two purl stitches left between them – and that isn’t going to happen with the way I’ve set it up (since in the middle there are 2 knit stitches instead).

I’ve decided to just stop the diagonal pattern at the marker, so the middle section will be wider. I think I’ll do it correctly on the front, though…I think.

One more thing – I went to Ikea today for some yarn storage solutions! Excellent.



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12 responses to “finally, a real update!”

  1. Jill Avatar

    Hey Laura, Elspeth looks great. And I like the new IKEA stuff and I think you are going to have to help/show me how to make a skirt like Julie’s out of some of my old stuff. I’m glad I have a buddy who is as crafty as you! Or else everything I make would be a minor disaster….

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh, the Lettuce Knit knitting circle love! I want to say that I ‘m so glad that I have buddies like both Jill and Laura just for being such talented and nifty gals with lots to offer. Anyway, Laura, Elspeth is a stunner. You did good in knocking down a size, and the chocolate with the medium-light blue tee under it looks terrific. Do you think you can bring your line-by-line notes to SnB so I can copy them?

    No one was overstating the case when complaining about the Rebecca pattern. There’s so much going on with it–a lot that needs to be aligned–but with clearly written instructions, it’s actually a quite simple knit. I need to redo my first sleeve because of ribbing issues too. But the 2nd sleeve is looking less fugly stitchwise.

    Thanks for giving my new skirt a guest appearance on your blog.

  3. Anna Avatar

    Well done on the IKEA front–baskets and yarn go so well together. Congrats on finishing the mitts and scarf on time!

  4. Brooke Avatar

    Elspeth looks great. Gotta love coffee bean brown. You finish projects so fast! I am insanely jealous!!

  5. Diana Avatar

    Love your Elspeth. It looks so cute. I saw a girl on the subway this morning with an Elspeth-esque sweater, and it reminded me of yours!

  6. Karma Avatar

    Cute Elspeth! As for the Rebecca cardi, that’s the exact problem everyone else has with the pattern. Otherwise, it’s an amazingly simple knit! Feel free to see/use the chart I extended on my blog… it’s the June 24th entry.

  7. Mr. Crumbles Avatar
    Mr. Crumbles

    Love the cute sweater….but why is it that so many knitters make these photos with heads cropped off? I like to see the whole scene because it says more about the person AND their taste in making things as a whole story.

    Anyway, check out this blog , she’s who was looking at your blog to begin with. ;)

  8. lyn Avatar

    Your Elspeth looks perfect on you! Good job :-) Loving your Ikea storage ideas too.

  9. Cathy Avatar

    I love your Elspeth! And the jeans skirt is very well done.

  10. alison Avatar

    Lovely Elspeth! And it’s part of a cute outfit — I love brown and blue together.

  11. jillian Avatar

    Hi! Your Elspeth is great – it seemed like it was one of those Rowan patterns that didn’t fit well “in real life”. Good job. Also – excellent on reconstructing the jeans. Recycling and funky beautiful.

  12. Eilene Avatar

    Elspeth looks fabulous!!! I love it in the brown. It will surely go with a lot! I also love the jean skirt. Great job!!

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