fear of flying

It’s the cost. I must say that I don’t love flying, I haven’t done it much – and the longest I’ve been on a plane was only about four hours, to Houston.

The exam schedule just came out. I have final exams on April 25, May 3 and May 4.

What’s that weekend in May?


I’d been thinking that it would be cool to take the train down, and less expensive (although time consuming, but no one would need to take driving responsibilities) BUT now it looks like the only way is if I fly down after my exam, which is in the afternoon. Would be crazy, but…

a FANTABULOUS way to finish off my schooling days.

I guess I’ll have to see about airmiles.






6 responses to “fear of flying”

  1. Anna Avatar

    It drives me NUTS that the spring festivals coincide with exams!!!

  2. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    this would be a Good crazy.

  3. Mia Avatar

    Don’t worry if you have to miss Sheep & Wool. I may have to miss it as well depending on my next class. I missed it last year because I had a final the weekend. Flying isn’t all that bad though.

  4. Kathy Avatar

    You should so do it! And remember that your knitting will help you get through the flight!

  5. Val Avatar

    Hmm. I think you should take the train, that way you’re garanteed not to have your knitting taken away. How long is the trip from TO? I’ve never been to anything but the Waterloo Knitters’ Fair, and it sounds tempting!

  6. Robyn Red Bird Avatar
    Robyn Red Bird

    A fabulous way to end the year – fly off to the BEST Sheep and Wool Festival – what a way to celebrate! GREAT idea!

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