fast frustration frenzy

I’m going to try and do this entry really fast, so forgive any typos that might creep in…beware of rant.


Today after work I stopped by the Computer Services Center at College and Spadina and purchased 512 MB of RAM for my iBook. I overpaid a bit (a pretty damn good amount, actually) and they don’t have cash refunds. So for over $200 I brought my little prize home. Proceeded to install it, after spending a few minutes trying to find a little tiny Phillips head screwdriver. Lo and behold, I have 640 MB of RAM. Unfortunately – things started crashing left and right. Word. Acrobat Reader. Firefox wouldn’t even run. Then my computer told me to restart. The next time I tried logging out of my “everyday” account to get into my admin, to install some software updates to my computer – I got a scary/weird DOS-esque screen called “Darwin”. Kept restarting and seeing what happened. Finally gave up and took out the RAM – and guess what, now it works again. I’m going to have to take it back and see if it works when they install it. And if it doesn’t, I’m going to FIGHT for my actual money back (screw the store credit if they’re going to sell me a shitty product).

Also: After removing my RAM, I went on the Apple website to enroll my AppleCare plan (as the one-year warrantee is going to run out soon). Apple website BLOWS and although I managed to sign up for an AppleID and THEN CHANGE MY PASSWORD, it insists it doesn’t have my data in the system.


< / rant >

And now I’m going to bed. I meant to go to bed earlier tonight but was sidetracked by all of this. Knitting content – I was so distracted and frustrated I messed up on Jenna and had to rip out 10 rows.






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