FAQ: Just Enough Ruffles

So I’m thinking that based on emails I get, there are a few questions that get asked over and over for various patterns. Time to put up an FAQ to reference! Today, Just Enough Ruffles!

Do I have enough yarn?
I didn’t use the full amount of 2 skeins of Malabrigo – I used approximately 380 yards.

What counts as 2 rows of stockinette stitch?
Two rows of stockinette stitch is one row knit, one row purl. One trip across your needle is 1 row, regardless of how many different rows there might be to comprise a stitch pattern.

Is it 14 wraps total, or 28 wraps total?
You should have 14 wrapped stitches on each end, so 28 total.

I don’t have the right number of stitches after the increase row!
Are you doing the increase correctly? The increase is knit front, back and front again – creating three stitches out of one. You knit into the front of the stitch but don’t remove it, swing the needle around to the back of the stitch and knit through the back loop but don’t remove it, and finally bring the needle back to the front and knit the front loop again.

How do I bind off purlwise?
To bind off purlwise, purl 2 stitches, pull the first one over and off the needle. *purl 1, pull the first stitch over and off the needle*, repeat to end. It’s the same as a usual bind off except that you are purling the stitches instead of knitting them.

How to I make it ruffl-ier?
You can add more stitches to the ruffle – I would do the increase row as written, work one row plain, then do another increase row (either tripling or doubling the number of stitches in this row) before working plain.

How do I block my scarf?
I block nearly everything the same way – soak with Eucalan, then dry flat. Keep the cast on edge straight when you lay it out, and shape the ruffles with your fingers, then let it dry!

I’m a retailer, can I purchase your pattern wholesale?
Wholesale patterns are available from Deep South Fibers!

After the increase row, I’m on the purl side! How do I do Stockinette Stitch?
Keep the pattern correct. Since the increase row is on the knit side, the next row is purl. The 4 rows of Stockinette are purl, knit, purl, knit.

If you have any other questions you’d like to see the answer to, email me!



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20 responses to “FAQ: Just Enough Ruffles”

  1. Maggie Avatar


    I’m not quite understanding the “warp and turn” technique correctly, is there a more detailed description or video that you can share? thank you.


  2. Nan Avatar

    I am with Maggie. Can you video the wrap and turn part of the pattern? It would also be helpful to show the corect way to increase for the beginners! :) Thanks.

  3. janet Avatar

    Hi – I am wondering if you have mad this as a wrap and how would that be done. I am thinking I would need to wrap more stitches – please let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Janet

  4. caren Avatar

    Hi After I do the wrap and turn do I leave the last two sts. on the left needle or do I knit them?

  5. Michelle Avatar

    If I’m reading your pattern correctly I do the shape curve short rows then go to the pick up row 1 and 2 however it reads picking up each wrap as you come to it I find this confusing.

    Do I do a short row and then a pickup for until I have completed the 28 wraps?

  6. Mary Fran Chase Avatar
    Mary Fran Chase

    I’m just starting this project. Are the 2 rows of stockinette stitches included in the first 6 rows?

  7. Rhona Avatar

    Loving this pattern and the scarf is beautiful !!! Thanks
    Question tho… After kniting the wrap and turns from the purl side, there is a bit of a ‘bar’ on the knit side. Think I followed the directions correctly-did I do something wrong, or is that the way it looks?
    Just finished increase row to 600 stitches and am loathe to rip – but want to be sure it’s correct.
    Have since seen Cat Bordhi’s knit, wrap, conceal. But did not do that, do you get a slightly slated ‘bar’ on the knit side when wrapping and turning?
    Thanks !!

  8. Ellen Avatar


    how do I pick up the wraps? I am so confussed!!

  9. Dora Rankin Avatar
    Dora Rankin

    I’m also wondering about the “wrap & turn” instruction & hoping that you can provide a more detailed description of the technique. Do you have a glossary? Can’t wait to give this to my daughter!!

  10. cosmicpluto Avatar

    Rhona – there should not be a bar on the RS of the scarf if you pick up the RS side of the wrap as specified in the pattern.

    Everyone inquiring about short rows – full instructions are given on page 1 of the pattern. As well, there is a photo tutorial in my side bar -> titled “Short Row Heel Tutorial” that covers all the steps.

  11. Kelly Kyzar Avatar
    Kelly Kyzar

    Okay, I have done the increase row, 600 sts on the right side. The next step is the stockinette stitch for 4 rows. So am I knitting on the wrong side now and purling on the right side. I’m confused after the increase row because I have to turn my work over to keep the yarn on the left needle.

  12. Nancy Avatar

    I am not sure what to do-I am as confused as Kelly who posted on Nov 17. My ruffle is purled on the knit side not on the knit side. PLEASE RESPOND. I am upset to think I have to pull out so many stitches to start over.

  13. Martha Avatar

    I’m a newbie and my teacher/mentor is out of town. Am I reading the pattern correctly for the pickups?
    Should I turn around after picking up the 1st wrapped stitch and the do a purl w/ pickup and then the knit and add the other two left over stitches that are left before the next wrap? I’d normal just go for it…but the thought of making a mistake is freaking me out.
    I just wish there was a picture of the scarf without the ruffles to see how this works out.
    Many thanks! Love the scarf so far and see many more in my future.

  14. Gloria Dougherty Avatar

    I want to make the ‘Just Enough Ruffles’ in a DK weight cashmere/silk/alpaca. Do I still cast on the same number of stitches and use the same size needle? Thanks; it’s beautiful.

  15. Mimi McGrath Avatar
    Mimi McGrath

    I am finishing the scarf and I like it. Question; If I do a total of 28 short rows and then pick up by knitting two together, wouldn’t I end up with 200-38 stitches? not 200 stitches?

    Thansk. Mimi

  16. Amy Avatar

    I love the ruffles scarf and think it would be a wonderful feminine wrap. do you have suggestions? Continue wrapping turning & pickup and knit all sides to make the ruffle? Thank you!

  17. Suzanne Avatar

    Where can I get the “just enough ruffles” pattern. I love it!

  18. Suzanne Avatar


    Where can I get the “Just enough ruffles” pattern…Saw the scarf in a yarn shop in Barcelona. I love it.

  19. Lisa Avatar

    Great scarf! I have the same question as caren. What happens to the 2 unwrapped stitches at the end of each row , if you wrap the 3rd stitch from the end? When counting, is it 14 wrapped stitches PLUS these unwrapped stitches or 14 stitches total unknit at the end of each row? Or am I doing something wrong?

  20. Susan Kearns Avatar
    Susan Kearns

    Thank you Laura for this great Just Enough Ruffles pattern. I still consider myself a beginner, but I was able to follow your pattern to completion with only two “restarts” because I didn’t pick up the purl wraps properly…..learning the hard way through repetition! The pattern is a great teaching device. I’m not afraid of short rows anymore, and I can pick up the wraps to blend them in with no effort. The ruffle and bind-off was easy and created such a beautiful finish edge. Now if I can only block the finished product properly……
    I am delighted that a scarf project could teach me so much! I already have yarn for three more JER’s so that I can exercise that repetition learning technique. SK

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