Every May the Textile Museum holds its “More Than Just a Yardage Sale”, which is like a giant rummage sale, with all the goods having been donated to the museum throughout the year. There’s tons of fabric, yarn, craft stuff, patterns, and household textiles, and it’s super fun! I was there on Friday morning when they opened – there was a line the length of a municipal parking lot waiting to get into the tents when I got there. It’s free to check out, so there are lots of people. It gets crowded in there but I managed to pick up a healthy amount of stuff that I’m really excited about. I didn’t really even go into the yarn tent at all!

about 30m of fabric!

The big pile – I added up all the yardage, and I got nearly 30 metres!


Wools – I didn’t realize at the time but the thick fabric on the bottom left is actually a bundle of about five 1m cuts. The others are 2-3m continuous yardage.

wool, chambray, jersey, wool blend

Clockwise from top left – red wool, chambray, jersey, and something that feels like maybe a wool/rayon blend. There’s 3m so I’m thinking maybe a nice skirt or two for the fall.

quilting cottons

From the quilting section of the sale. I might use the yellow or the green for the binding on my current quilt.

tapestry wool

Lastly a few boxes of tapestry wool – I think it would be perfect for edging and/or embroidering on wool fabric for a blanket!

If you don’t get along so well with crowds or having to elbow your way in to see things, I’d suggest going in the afternoon – the first shoppers are done and there’s a bit of breathing room. The truck just keeps unloading stuff throughout the day and on Saturday, so it’s not like you can really miss out on anything! I’m very inspired for my summer sewing this year.

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