everything’s comin’ up milhouse

Finally, the jacket that was supposed to be fast ‘n’ easy is coming together. (It was easy, just not very fast.)

I crocheted the seams together the other night – so good for speed and ease of ripping and fixing. I think the crocheted seams will add some stability as well. Now all it needs is a collar and some bands.

My question is – should I trim the front bands and the collar in a constrast colour? This is some more Rowanspun in “midnight” (dark blue).

I’m thinking applied i-cord, whereas in the photo it’s just a single crochet experiment, but I kinda like it. Gives some punch. Maybe a different colour? Suggestions? Oh, and if I do the front edges and the collar, should I trim the sleeves as well?

Decisions, decisions.







8 responses to “everything’s comin’ up milhouse”

  1. Luise Avatar

    Yes, indeed. Trim the sleeves as well for a truly polished look. It’s really lovely.

  2. Gina Avatar

    If you are going to trim the collar in a contrast colour, I would do the same on the sleeve cuffs. I think it makes a strong statement.

  3. briana Avatar

    love the random simpsons titles!

    the blue trim looks lovely, but the sweater appears to be such different colours in each photo (they are the same sweater, aren’t they?!?). if the colour is the reddish hue shown with the blue trim, it looks great and offers nice contrast.

  4. naomi Avatar

    Wait, those two pictures are the same jacket?

    I like the contrasting color idea, but I’m not a big fan of red and blue together…if you like them, fine… I would probably go with either a grey or maybe a darker red.

  5. Gina C. Avatar
    Gina C.

    I love the contrast trim idea, it’s one of those couture touches that I never think of for my own things. And the blue really pops against the red…it is red, right?

  6. Erin Avatar

    I’m not sold on the contrast:S I know the midnight and I just don’t see it with the red.

  7. Wannietta Avatar

    I will not comment on colour – you have no idea the kinds of colours that I can/will/have put together. I was doing pink & red way before it was cool!! I will chime in with a suggestion for a crab stitch edge if you are leaning towards the crochet. I find it much more substantial than single crochet and has an interesting look to it.

  8. Janet Thomson Avatar
    Janet Thomson

    Looks beautiful. How about a mandarin type collar, or a lacy type collar with a lace trim on the end of the sleeves (maybe a bell sleeve?)

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