I’m bored with my knitting.

I’ve got 4.5″ done on Mariah, and soon she’ll just be straight stockinette. Good for mindless knitting, but I’m just not all that excited. Was I ever excited, or have I just been swept along by all the Mariah-a-long stuff in knitblogland? The Must Have cardigan still needs to be sewn up, and the prospect of that neverending buttonband is off-putting.

I think I need something faster. Or something all in one piece. I think I’ll put Mariah away for a few days, till I decide what to do with that…maybe I’ll start a Rogue cardie. I’m going to do it in Elann’s Highland Chunky, knitting the smallest size. Ugh, I have to swatch for that though, to make sure the sizing will work out. Blah. I’m just not feeling particularly inspired about anything.

My yarn even came today, one cone of JaggerSpun Wool/Silk in Steel and one skein in Vanilla. They’re lovely, and I want to make a nice sweater with the Steel, but I’m not in that happy knitting muse place.

Oh knitting muse, where did you go?






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