drive-by blogging

I’ve only got a few minutes to blog, but I wanted to show you all something cool –

handspun Romney

This is my handspun Romney knit up – I love it! It’s a nice light, cohesive fabric with a pleasant woolyness.

handspun Romney

And actually fairly consistent too. Now, if only I could scare up the time to work on it!

P.S. No newsletter yet, but we’ve got Socks that Rock at lettuce knit – have at it!







6 responses to “drive-by blogging”

  1. Emily Avatar

    Your handspun looks lovely! Great job.

    Thanks for the head’s up about the STR! I won’t want to miss out of the feeding frenzy :)

  2. Julie Avatar

    Stunning! Love the colour.

  3. Christy Avatar

    Dude, that handspun looks avazing knit up. Great job!

  4. Deb B. Avatar

    Nice to meet you the other day at Lettuce Knit, and so glad I happened upon the Socks that Rock before the rest of the world did.

    Beautiful handspun.

  5. Deirdre Avatar

    Your handspun is just beautiful – love the colour!

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