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To be post-it-ed onto my credit card. And debit card, for that matter.

Upon returning home from the first day of classes, a $180 purchase of a new ibook battery (badly needed) and a relaxing afternoon, I found these two rather large boxes. Okay, the top one isn’t very large, but the bottom one IS.

It was BAD – I couldn’t remember what I had ordered. I must be getting fibre-blind from all the buying. Oy.

Oh yeah – Knitpicks stuff.

I ordered the Palette Sampler (it’s all Adrian’s fault):

and some Color Your Own (the fingering weight merino), a couple balls of solid sock yarn and a whole whack of colour cards.

I also found out that this massive amount (27 pounds!) of merino roving I ordered from R.H. Lindsay wool had shipped on September 8 – I had to email to get an update, and I got a one-sentence reply. I’d ordered on August 8. I must say, this hasn’t been a very pleasureable transaction. I’ll be happy when I get my wool, but I won’t want to order from them again, I don’t think.

And no, it’s not all for me! I’m splitting it with a few people.

Off to finish something cotton, seeing as how it’s been so dang hot here the last couple days.



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11 responses to “do not use”

  1. Lorraine Avatar

    Stop! I can’t take it any more! You’re making me drool all over my laptop! Please knit some colorwork with that Knitpicks Palette quickly so you can tell me how it knits up!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Wow, that is a lot of multi coloured yarn. What are you going to do with it all?

  3. Samantha Avatar

    That’s a lot of yarn!! It looks lovely! Any plans?

  4. johanna Avatar

    it’s official, you’re obsessed

  5. naomi Avatar

    Just don’t get too tempted by the color cards…

    The palette sampler is on my to-purchase list, too, but somewhere after I finish the lace that’s more immediately planned. I can only deal with so much attention-knitting. :)

  6. Jill Avatar

    I’m excited about the sock yarn…and the colour cards. I can’t wait to hang out and dye stuff.

  7. SAHM Avatar

    Pure envy over that colorful palette… can you hardly wait to dive in or what?

  8. Angela Avatar

    Yeah, that Adrian, she got me too.. I just had to order it!

  9. jacqueline Avatar

    oh my…… i am having heart palpatations! And we can’t even get knitpicks here in australia!

    that yarn looks delicious enough to eat!

  10. Adrian Avatar

    Mwuahaha! No one can resist the palette sampler.

    RH Lindsay is a weird company. It seems to me it’s run like a wholesaler, but open to the public. It’s worth it for the price. That Merino is divine.

  11. Tanti Avatar

    Hello… that’s knitpicks really make people drolling..;p
    since i am thinking to ask my friend to send it over here, before i do that,
    perhaps you can share how the yarn feel? is it good? and what project you plan for those lovely…lovely yarn?

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