I’ve been working on the Corset Pullover, but I seem to have gotten distracted by some beautiful Silk Garden (colourway 211)…

It’s just a top-down cardi from my pattern, but with seed stitch edging and it’ll have some waist shaping, as well. I’ve figured that I want the waist minimum to be about 6 inches below the underarm, so I figure I’ll just decrease every inch or so till there.

Anyway, so here’s the progress on the corset – I’m done the front and a sleeve. I’ll get started ont he back shortly, and it looks like I’ll have enough yarn, I hope!

I love the sleeve!

I’ve got a ton of stuff to do this weekend, and today I dare not turn on the TV for fear of being sucked into the CSI marathon – it would result in a lot of sitting around and knitting, which can be great, but I really do have schoolwork to do. Have a good day off!






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  1. Trish Avatar

    I absolutely love the corset! Where did you find the pattern, or is it yours? I’d love to do it.

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