Look, I made a swatch of an idea!

It’s a swatch in leftover Cotton Fleece, contemplating neckline options for Sapphire. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work well easily, and I don’t want to expend much brain power on this project. Maybe for a future project I’ll come back to this.

Maybe someone can figure this out – I’ve always noticed that my slipped stitches are always crappier on one side – look:

On the right side, I slipped the first stitch of the wrong side purlwise, and knit the last stitch of the right side. It lies smoothly against the edge of the knitting. On the left, I tried a few things – slipping the first stitch on the right side, slipping the last stitch on the wrong side (and knitting that stitch on the reverse). The slipped stitches are folded to the right side! I’m sure it has something to do with having uneven knit and purl tensions or something, but ewwww. I think I have a solution for the actual tank, though.

I’ve been just working away on my projects – I actually don’t feel the urge to start something new (yet). Here’s the sapphire tank compared with the bamboo chickami, which has stretched after a few wearings:

Looks like it’ll be fine!

I have been thinking about the Calmer I bought the other day….but no new projects till I finish something!






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  1. Vicki Avatar

    My edges do the same thing, and it makes me crazy. If you think of some way to fix this, let us know!

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