destash: knitting books

I’m moving! I just managed to find an apartment after a rather frustrating search – so you know what that means. Packing, and reassessing. Need any knitting books? I’m hoping to pass some on to loving homes. Prices are negotiable.

Prices in USD including shipping to US and Canada.

Cables Untangled – $23 PENDING
Lace Style – $16 SOLD
TYV Knitting Design – $20 SOLD
Romantic Hand Knits – $23 SOLD
Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for All Seasons – $14
The Knit Stitch – $14 SOLD
The Purl Stitch – $14 SOLD
Knitting Lingerie Style – $20 SOLD

Email me at cosmicpluto at cosmicpluto dot com!

(Thanks everyone! I might just donate that last book to the Textile Museum.)

6 Responses to “destashing: books”

  1. Seanna Lea

    Congrats on the new apartment. I’m never more grateful for owning a house as I am when I remember moving sometimes up to 4 times in a year.

  2. Christina

    So glad you finally found a place after that last one that got away!


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