After Denny graciously wove in the ends on my Bella cardigan, all I had left to do was crochet around the neckline and front edges. Neckline, check. I did have problems with single crocheting along the fronts – I tried about three times, but every single time it was wavy and puckery. I think it looks fine left as is, if a bit roll-y.

It’s a bit big. And not as shapely as I was going for. It’s my own fault, I really should have realized that not doing the (minimal at best) suggested shaping on the front pieces would cause the piece to just hang straight down. I’m not, however, going to rip just to add shaping. I’ll have to figure out something clever – I’ve tried a few things but we’ll see what else I can come up with tomorrow. It’s good otherwise, a nice length, comfy, pretty. If not for the shapelessness….plus the sleeves are a little short for me, even though I lengthened them by a few inches. Anyway, it’s in the wash right now, and should shrink a bit (hopefully the sleeves won’t shrink too much…sigh).

I did keep my no-knitting vow today, even though it drove me a bit nuts. I’m in the midst of lining the zigzag bag, which should turn out very nicely indeed.

Tomorrow I’ve got an archery lesson at 6:30 even though my classes end at 2, so I’ve got some time to kill. Maybe I shouldn’t bring knitting, as to force me to read instead…

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