december 3

Today is nice.

I woke up late this morning, not needing to rush anywhere or really do anything. Played some Chopin (trying to learn to play the Fantasie Impromptu). Lunch – brown rice pasta (yup, pretty much got used to it) with broccoli and peas, and garlic basil olive oil. Patrick Dempsey was in Scream 3? Huh. Guess I had seen him before Grey’s Anatomy.

Sitting here now, full, house all to myself for the moment. It’s been flurrying off and on for most of the day, mainly on. I love just looking out the window and watching the wee flakes. I have my big ole log cabin in my lap, working on the final go-round of strips (I’m running out of yarn!). I even finished a paper ahead of my self-imposed schedule – unfortunately I’m running behind on the next assignment. Yikes.

I ripped out about three inches of 2×2 ribbing on a sweater body, out of the Briar Rose Tuscany from Rhinebeck. My ribbing kinda sucked, it was slow going, and I realized that I really don’t like wearing all-ribbed garments (too fat-looking-making). So I ripped some out and am going to go with the flow and do a saddle shoulder a la EZ.

Thanks for everyone that emailed me about the commissioned knitting thing. I’ve found someone; the internet is great.

Pictures to come once my camera’s batteries have recharged.






2 responses to “december 3”

  1. Sherry Avatar

    Patrick Dempsey has been acting for years he was in some 80’s movies like Money Can’t Buy Me Love and some campy others. I haven’t seen those movies in years they would probably be even worse now

  2. Bonnie Avatar

    Ain’t the internet great! To have knitting patterns and you tube at one’s fingertips is really a miracle of the modern age.

    Well, I am off to see a goat eat pez or whatever’s new and nutty on you tube.

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