I don’t know what it is with knitting causing me to act and feel like a crazy person, but there it is.

I’ve been looking all over for an acceptable substitute for the cashmere yarn (Classic Elite Indulge) used in the “Unisex Knock-Around Cashmere Pullover” from “Weekend Knitting”, although I probably won’t get around to that for some while. I’ve looked at Lang MAX and Patons UpCountry as possibilities, but I just don’t know. I think I’d want it to be something I could wear all year, like on cool spring evenings and such. Maybe a cotton blend is the way to go? Also that way there wouldn’t be any itchies issues.

I worked a little bit on my LoTech sweat today – just the back ribbing. And then there’s the Tartan Jacket, which I wish I could have worn today – although maybe it wasn’t quite cool enough yet for that. I’ve started a sleeve and hope to get a good chunk of that done tonight…AFTER I finish typing up my linguistics assignment due tomorrow.






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