cozy Carter cardigan

A couple of years ago when I went to TNNA in Columbus, I met Stephen West for the first time. Impressions? Sweet as anything, tall, has some wild trousers!


I was exhibiting some of my pieces in Ysolda’s booth that year, among them the Carter Cardigan. Stephen tried on my original, waist shaping and all, and of course looked smashing (as he always does). Photographic evidence!

Stephen knit up another for himself (proooobably omitting the waist shaping) and he’s awesome enough to let me share some of his photos with you. Here’s his Ravelry project page.

Stephen in Carter

Stephen in Carter

Stephen in Carter

Thanks Stephen!



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9 responses to “cozy Carter cardigan”

  1. Michelle Moses Avatar

    I don’t remember seeing this come out the first time, but now I’m thinking about making it…uh-oh. But seriously, SG-1 love!

  2. meg Avatar

    Be still my heart! Stephen West in a gorgeous cardi!

  3. JoAnn Avatar

    VERY handsome guy! …and he knits! *swoon*

  4. Brandi Avatar

    Lovley cardigan and model

  5. Brandi Avatar

    By the way i just told my hubs although sometimes I wish he was more knitterly I’m glad he’s not because he’d be stealing my stash :)

  6. Nik Avatar

    He looks very chic in that sweater. Damn him for being so cute!

  7. Anna Avatar

    Hee, gorgeous!

  8. Knittripps Avatar

    Wow! That sweater looks great on him! That almost makes me want to start knitting one for my husband…except he already has two unfinished sweaters on my needles.

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