coucher du soleil*

Pattern: Soleil from Knitty
Yarn: Madil “All Seasons”, 50% cotton 50% viscose, colour 206
Needles: Denise US 5 (3.75 mm)
Started: April 24, 2005
Finished: May 16, 2005

She’s beautiful, flattering and feels lovely (that’s a damn great yarn!). The pattern is well written and would have been fast, if I wasn’t so lazy. Thanks for the pattern, Alexandra!

*this should mean “sunset”. if it doesn’t, let me know!!



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11 responses to “coucher du soleil*”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Looks beautiful on you!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Looks great Laura!

  3. Maggie Avatar

    I love it, but I have one question. How many hands do you have? You keep finishing stuff and knitting more stuff. You either have a sweatshop in the basement of your house or you have extra hands we can’t see.

  4. David Avatar

    I just ate the most delicious sandwich in the world. It really hit the spot! Also, your knitting is most impressive.

  5. Jenn Avatar

    Wow – that looks great on you!

  6. Brenda in Toronto Avatar

    Coming out of hiding in the comments to say if looks fab! Now I’m convinced – it’s next on my list :)

  7. erin Avatar

    Very pretty Soleil, looks great!

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Soleil is beautiful. Between yours and Sandra’s (Fibersantric) I’ve got on the tank making bandwagon, and cast on for Soleil.

    The colour and fit is perfect for you.

  9. Vicki Avatar

    Cute!! I just might need to add this to my list – it’s very flattering!

  10. Johanna Avatar

    Jill was right, Laura, it’s totally stunning on you. Nice work.

  11. jessie Avatar

    gaw-jus! looks wonderful on you–makes that a tempting pattern to add to the must-knit list!

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