cosmicpluto – now in print!

cosmicpluto - now in print!

My Button Raglan is today’s entry in the 2008 Stitch ‘n Bitch Page-A-Day Calendar! The content of the calendar seems pretty good, although I’m not sooo hot on the format (each page is completely individual, with no way to flip through, and if you dropped/lost a page or something you’d be screwed). My first on-paper in print!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was good. I’m not such a huge Valentine’s person, but that isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it anyway! I did get a pretty awesome plant.

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22 responses to “cosmicpluto – now in print!”

  1. Zarah Avatar

    I HEART the SnB page-a-day. I stick all my previous days at the back of the calendar so they’re all still in the same place. And since I’m a packrat, I keep all of them, even the ones I know I won’t use (such as the nintendo cozy from a few weeks ago).

    And just to give you a chuckle (I hope), in my family we call those penis flowers.

  2. Liz Avatar

    Hey, I noticed it was you when I updated my calendar this morning–congrats!

  3. Christie Avatar

    My mom calls those boy flowers…and she giggles when she sees them…Zarah and I must be related somehow.

  4. Anne Avatar

    Congrats (actually I just thought it was soooo cool to see that you – as a designer people know about – have a pattern in the same calendar as I – whom hardly anyone has heard of – do (I was 25 Jan).

    I love your sweater pattern.

  5. Beverly Avatar

    I saw your sweater on the calendar today. Congrats!

  6. Jennifer Avatar

    Hard to believe that is your first in-print, considering what you a prolific designer you are :) Looks like a fun format to me!

  7. Bridget Avatar

    Congratulations! That is so cool, even though I don’t have the calendar, I think it’s exciting.

    That’s a pretty flower, btw.

  8. Ann Avatar

    I too was excited to see your name/pattern on my calendar today.
    Congratulations Laura!

  9. SpiderWomanKnits Avatar

    Congrats! That is SO cool!

  10. Gina Avatar

    I was so excited when I flipped the page this morning! I would’ve danced around, but I was at work & they think I’m weird enough as it is. ;)

    I was so bummed that you didn’t sell this pattern, and here I ended up buying it & not even knowing it!!

    Thanks Laura, your patterns have been my favorites to knit of any designer (indie or otherwise)! I am so excited to start this raglan!

  11. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Congratulations! How utterly cool!

  12. *karen Avatar

    congratulations on publication. my grandmother used to grow anthuriums in her garden on the big island.

  13. ck Avatar

    Congratulations! Nothing like seeing your name in “real” print.

  14. Allison Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! When I saw your pattern yesterday in my calendar I was so happy for you.

  15. Val Avatar

    Congrats!! I was just mindlessly turning the Feb 14 page over at work and was like “hey! that’s actually really, really awesome! I want to knit that! hey wait a minute, that’s Cosmipluto!!” Great job!!

  16. Kathy Avatar

    Congratulations! It’s a great design!

  17. Shannon Avatar

    Hurray! It is a gorgeous sweater…

  18. Silvia Avatar

    Yay! Congrats on the published on paper pattern!

  19. Stephanie Avatar

    I saw this and thought it was great! congrats!

  20. marilyn Avatar

    Congratulations!! And I’m certain you could get many of your designs in print on paper.

    Your thermal is still at the top of my list of things to knit. The problem is I did a gauge swatch and then didn’t remember what I had used. So then some months (a year?) later I did another. A great big one which verified what you said about the gauge being the same in pattern and in the round. And, well, I don’t know what I used for that one either. So one day I will swatch again. and mark it! and then have a lovely thermal to wear.
    After that I’ll tackle something else of yours!

  21. julia Avatar

    I have the calender at work, but wasn’t in the office of Friday so I totally missed it! Congrats – that will be a keeper. I agree with you on the calender format – I’m just instantly recycling the pages I don’t want and keeping the patterns I like in the box it came in.

  22. Lauren Avatar

    I noticed it on my calendar too! Congrats! I was excited to see something from a blogger i “knew” :-)

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