cool summer days

I’m trying to be very good and stick to my deadline knitting, although there are SO MANY THINGS that I want to cast on for RIGHT NOW. Sample: Asymmetrical Sweater from Knitting Nature, a sweater out of some new Dream in Color, a lacey cardi out of STR medium, baby pressies, Provincial Waistcoat from IK….

Whew. I guess this is what my queue list on Ravelry is for, huh? In the meanwhile, more recent photos of how the garden’s doing – photos taken on July 15. I haven’t been over to the garden yet today, but I’m thinking it’s going to have grown even more the last little while because of precious, precious rain!

sweet cherry pepper

Sweet cherry peppers, again – this is the same one from that last photo. I’m thinking I should probably pick this one now to encourage the plant to grow more fruit!

royal burgundy bush beans

Royal Burgundy bush beans – working quite well. I wish there were more plants – the case with lots of my plants this year, actually. Well, maybe not the tomatoes, there are plenty of those.

lincoln peas

Lincoln (shelling) peas. The vines are really quite productive! We could’ve planted WAY MORE though. The peas are soooo sweet and yummy, I just eat them raw.

dark green zucchini

Zucchini plants. Yes, I’m hoping for a harvest of CrazyAuntPurl proportions. Hey, we’ve got two families to feed and lots of zucchini-eating friends! (There are five green zucchini plants and two crookneck squash plants. As an aside, a garden-neighbour gave me a fabulous pattypan squash the other day and it was AWESOME.)

the tomatoes

And finally, the tomatoes. We’ve been pruning them down a bit because they’re just taking over, and there’s lots and lots of green fruit! I can’t wait until that first fabulous tomato. I actually had a dream last night that our tomato plants had so many tomatoes on them, they barely had any leaves…and every tomato was red and perfect. Yup.

In case anyone’s interested, these are the varieties we’ve got in there:
– Roma (LOTS)
– San Marzano
– Heartland (there are a few really big ones on these plants)
– Early Girl
– Glamour
– Black Cherry
– Yellow Pear

Unfortunately, my Black Krim plant walked off from in front of my house, and so there are no Black Krims. But hey, that’s a darn big list anyway!

And someone asked about the weeds in the last garden update – oh, they are there. They sure are. We’ve been keeping fairly on top of the weeding, though, doing a thorough weeding about once a week, two people for at least two hours each week. That keeps them small, at least, so they’re not growing huge!

I love the veggie garden.

P.S. The pattern for that O-wool Balance cardigan that some might remember – it’ll be released this weekend, just as soon as I can get some good photos in!






5 responses to “cool summer days”

  1. kodachromeknits Avatar

    What a beautiful garden. I’m so envious! And WOW! are you ever going to be eating a lot of tomatoes!! Or canning them… Good for you to grow your own food.

    A long-time fan,
    Kodachrome :)

  2. Julia Avatar

    Lucky you, look at that happy garden!! I’m so impressed…I know just how hard it is to care for and grow plants and veggies. You’re a green thumb!

  3. Shannon Avatar

    It’s completely amazing to see that swath of dirt transformed into such a lush veggie garden!

  4. Heather B Avatar
    Heather B

    I know what you mean about the tomatoes. My own are turning into 6 foot hedges but I still don’t have a completely ripe tomato. One of the Brandywines looks like it might be red enough to pick this week though. I’m excited.

  5. Thalia Avatar

    The garden looks great – and home-grown tomatos taste SO GOOD. You’ll be having a feast when they ripen. Mmmmm. My folks usually have a garden, and the best part (although I love zucchini too) is the tomatos. Little animal like them too – often a bite will be taken out of them.

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