come and get it!

Socks that Rock is back in stock at lettuce knit! *Lots* of Socks that Rock.

Socks that Rock - lots of it!

We also got a few other Blue Moon Yarns – Silkie, Silk Thread, Geisha and Laci, all in Raven clan colours.

Socks That Rock

Call (416)203-9970, email, or come in to order! We do lots of mail order (including to the U.S.) and it’s going to go fast!

Now that I’ve gotten that out, a bit of knitting progress? I’ve been working really crazily all week, so there hasn’t been that much knitting for me. But I’ve made a good dent in the first sleeve/yoke of Choco-belle:

choco-belle sleeve

But I’m not so sure about it. It seems really wide, for one – and the pattern increases the sleeve by 12 more stitches! I left those off, planning to just add them in when I cast on for the yoke sections. But it still seems so big and bulky. I don’t know, I suppose this is going to have to have a time-out for awhile.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a jaunty snow woman that my sister and I built in the driveway (mostly to use up snow from that last big storm, and therefore less shoveling).

snow lady




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9 responses to “come and get it!”

  1. karin Avatar

    Ooh! Thanks for the heads up about the STR.

    Love the snow(wo)man too. I haven’t made one in ages!

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    Do you get inspiration being surround by all the variety of yarn? Does it tempt you, or are you immune to it? The snowgirl is great!

  3. Andrea Avatar

    Do you ever just lay the yarn out on the floor and roll around in it?

    I might need to wander down to the store at some point on Sunday.

  4. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    The gored skirt on your snow woman made me laugh!

  5. Corvus Avatar

    That’s quite possibly the most successful snow woman I’ve ever seen- that is to say, it actually looks like a snow woman. All my attempts quickly degenerate into lumpy phallic symbols no matter what I try to build.

  6. May Avatar

    Oh my gawd! Finally!
    but will there be any left when I get tomorrow?!

  7. Denny ..still in th Avatar
    Denny ..still in th

    good god girl save me something. something good and fine and fuzzy and blue moony…..I don’t want to miss it all.

    And Andrea we don’t get immune, and as far as the rolling in it….whats done in the yarn store..STAYS in the yarn store.

    kiss kiss see ya soon. love dennyxoxox

  8. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I’d love to have some more sock yarn! I’ve seen so many wonderful Socks that Rock items that aren’t socks that it just feels more versatile than other sock yarns!

  9. Stacey_CrimsonPurl Avatar

    Wow! @ STR you know I don’t have any of that!

    Look at someone’s sleeve!! :o)

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