One week of school down, many more to go! I think I’ll be able to knit a bit during certain classes, too.

In the meanwhile, I cast on provisionally for the sleeves of Cloud, and started the yoke. I’m doing a v-neck, and I’m rather worried about running out of yarn. That’s why I’m going to knit the sleeves downward – so I can just go until I run out of yarn. The sweater turned out bigger than I wanted, even though I swatched and cast on for a smaller size than my actual size. Hrmph. Oh well, it’s not huge, it’s just not fitted.

I’m a little more into the yoke now than the photo shows – it’s going pretty quickly, since I’m decreasing 10 stitches every other row.

Finally, some spinning – this is the first bobbin of the “Rhubarb” fibre that I bought at KW. It’s 50% mohair, 50% Polwarth Leicster cross. I said it before, and I’ll say it again…mohair doesn’t really do it for me. It’s pretty, though.

I took another 2 hours or so tonight and finished the second bobbin, so I’ll be all set to ply on the weekend. Thing with this stuff is, first of all I can’t get it very even – I’m used to combed top, and I think this stuff is carded. Second, it’s full of VM (vegetable matter)! Today I put a towel on my lap to catch everything, and it’s pretty gross. I suppose that’s why it was so cheap…






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  1. Tipper Avatar

    I feel the same way about mohair, though that bobbinful is very pretty. If it were me, I wouldn’t ply it.

  2. Cheryl Avatar

    I’ve been spinning mohair this week too and I’m not crazy about it. The stuff I have has more VM than any other fiber I’ve worked with amd the fibers aren’t lined up nicely, they get sort of tangled during spinning, even when I predraft. After a good soak though, the yarn is beautiful, soft and shiny.

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