cleaning house part II; or, ew, ew, ewwww

Warning: spider content ahead! If you want, skip down to the pretty knitting content…

I read Norma’s post about her invisible spider problem the other day, and just mainly thought “Ewwww, that’s gross” and “I’m glad that doesn’t happen in my house”.

Clearly, I was taunting the universe. Tonight I was tidying up the kitchen counter, and killed a little wee spider. And then there was another one. And then I thought…”oh shit”.

I look up, and lo and behold – a ton of tiny little spiders on my kitchen and breakfast-area ceiling. EWWWWWWW. Normally a spider or two doesn’t really freak me out, but this? I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Anyway, I got out the vacuum and sucked up all those little fuckers. Called the boyfriend complaining, then went back for the ones I didn’t catch the first time. I just went downstairs again for a glass of water, and didn’t see any, so hopefully I’ve gotten a good amount of them. Again, EWWWWW.

Knitting – the finishing, part II. No, I haven’t finished sewing up VBC yet (which is by the way the “Vintage Pink Cardigan” from Interweave Knits, Spring 2005).

I did, however, get to nearly all the finishing on the supermerino diamonds cardigan. It’s a bottom up raglan, a vneck, with knit in bands. When I finished the neck and raglan decreases, I was faced with a dilemma – what to do about the collar. I tried just doing a couple rows of seed stitch and binding off, but obviously I got a “corner” on the front edges that I didn’t want.

I ripped back, and this is what I came up with:

I bound off the centre stitches and kept the first and last six stitches (the bands) on dpn. Then I just knit a strip of seed stitch up from the left side and sewed it down along the back neck as I went, then grafted the stitches to the other band. This ensures a nice smooth collar around the back of the neck.

A shot of the whole sweater, ends in, ready to go in for a block and some buttons (which I already have in the stash, score!):

It looks a bit teeny, but I know it’ll stretch out a lot in the blocking. And it does mainly fit, anyway, so I just need a bit of growth.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting every day (or thereabouts), and I think it’s going well – it’s more a matter of saving up content and photos so I have something to post! I’ve got enough for another couple of entries saved up, too, so those who like an often-updated blog: enjoy!



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16 responses to “cleaning house part II; or, ew, ew, ewwww”

  1. quenna Avatar

    Great improv on the collar!

  2. Ella Avatar

    Make sure to throw out your vacuum cleaner bag. I sucked up a nest of spiders once, put the cleaner away and discovered the spiders crawling out the hose a couple of hours later!

  3. Norma Avatar

    Oh, geeeez, just reading Ella’s comment now has me all worried and upset……Gotta run now, and throw away the vacuum cleaner bag!!!! :)

  4. Gina Avatar

    Spectacular! The collar looks great.

  5. Claudia Avatar

    You are a Knitting Genius! I have been reading your blog for a while and not only do you have good taste but you come up with the best original knitting creations! This cardigan is absolutely gorgeous! Any possibility you’ll put up the pattern for sale? :-)

  6. Liz Avatar

    I really love how that looks! Is it an original pattern? (I haven’t snooped around your blog enough yet to find out for myself!)

  7. Chris Avatar

    Oh, Ella nailed it – that was what I was about to ask!

    The cardi is lovely – let us know if you get the size you need from blocking.

  8. Leslie Avatar

    The collar works well with the whole rest of the sweater. good job!

  9. Jean Avatar

    This is a winning cardigan! The raglan sleeves make it look casual/sporty, while the color and diamond pattern on the body put in the classic touches. Great job–looking forward to seeing the buttons you’ve chosen.

    Now I’m going to go spider-searching in my apt!

  10. Julia Avatar

    I love the cardigan – very pretty. As for the spiders – you did dispose of the vaccuum bag in the garbage can outside, yes? Not to creep you out or anything…

  11. Julia Avatar

    I guess I should read the comments first. Good to know that others are watching out for you as well!

  12. Jenna Avatar

    Just a note of appreciation for frequent blogging. I enjoy reading your blog, so thanks!
    (and isn’t always 10 times more creepy-crawly-gross when the bastards nest where you EAT!?!?!? EEEEK!)

  13. Stephanie Avatar

    Gorgeous cardigan!

  14. alison Avatar

    I love this cardigan.

    And the thing I’m looking forward to the least about moving is all the spiders and cobwebs I’ll have to deal with, cleaning my old farmhouse! Ewww indeed.

  15. Miss Twiss Avatar

    So that’s why it been rainning.

  16. Julia Avatar

    Eep, cute!! (not the spiders, the sweater) ; )

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