chocolate and kahlua

The test is over. This is a good thing. The ignorant bliss time before I get it back (probably next week) is also a good thing. Chocolate available at SnB – good thing. And Aven gave me a leetle bottle of consolation Kahlua after my test! Aw, ain’t she sweet?

I tried on my first Manos legwarmer, and while it fits great in the leg, it’s a bit shorter than I’d like. So I’ll make the second one to the right length, then go back and undo the bindoff on the first one. The second legwarmer encountered a slight setback at SnB when I blithely ribbed rather than switching to stockinette – I hadn’t had the Kahlua yet, honest!

I’ve also resurrected the cabled top-down raglan that has been on hold for awhile. It’s nice and semi-mindless, and the body is more than halfway done. I’ve probably got about 4-5 inches more to do, then it’s on to the sleeves. How often should I decrease on the sleeves, I wonder? And will I manage to get the decreases the same on both? Who knows?

Oh, and I finished one of the fronts of my Lotech. I think I might take both the legwarmer (which is quite small and compact) and the first sleeve of the Lotech (which hasn’t been started, so it’s really a needle and a ball of yarn) with me tomorrow. What a nice segue, laura! Erin, a fellow UofT undergrad, asked in the comments whether I knit in class or just the subway.

I actually rarely knit in the subway. This is for two main reasons. a) I find that my subway ride isn’t really long enough to get much done. I might manage a few rows of whatever, but then there’s the hassle of getting things out, and not elbowing people…and b) I’m rarely really awake while on the subway. Due to force of habit, my eyes tend to get quite sleepy when I sit down on a train, and I end up closing my eyes almost all the time.

I do knit in class, but like you said, I have big classes in which the lecturer will probably not see me knitting. In Convocation Hall, for example, I sit in the second balcony and I knit. I also knit in botany (where I sit close to the front, I know that the prof can see me) and most of the time in my linguistics classes. Basically, whenever I get the chance. Plus there’s a major upside to knitting in lecture – it keeps me awake and alert. Much more likely to actually learn something that way.

That was long! Time to get to bed, methinks. Still gotta get through tomorrow, my long day (2 lectures, then a shift at work, then a three hour lecture – the legwarmer will likely be finished by the end of tomorrow).






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