Here it is finally – the pattern for the Cavern Cardi.

Cavern Cardigan
Cavern is a top-down cardigan in one piece. It features a seed stitch edging, almost-straight sleeves, cropped length and front tie-closure.

Inspired by glampyre’s minisweater pattern.

M (to fit 36” bust)

4 skeins Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (215 yd/100g)
4.5 mm 24” circular needle
4.5 mm dpns or 16” circular
3.5 mm crochet hook

18 sts/24 rows in 4”/10 cm square


Cast on 71 stitches.
Work 9 rows seed stitch:
All rows: *k1, p1* across to last stitch, k1.

Switch to stockinette stitch on next row.
Next row (RS): (k1, p1) twice, k8, pm, k11, pm, k25, pm, k11, pm, k8, (p1, k1) twice.

The row is set up like this:
12-11-25-11-12 stitches

You will be keeping the first and last 5 stitches in seed stitch – knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches.

Next row (WS): 5 sts seed st, purl across to last 5, 5 stitches seed st.
Increase row (RS): 5 sts seed st, *k to 1 before marker, kfb, sl m, kfb*, repeat * to * three more times, k to last 5 sts, 5 sts seed st.

Repeat the last 2 rows a total of 21 times (total 42 rows). End with right side facing for next row.

Separate sleeves and body: 5 sts seed st, *knit to next marker, slip stitches between next 2 markers onto scrap yarn*, repeat * to * once, knit to last 5 stitches, 5 sts seed st.

Try on your sweater to adjust raglan length to fit.

Work one WS row even.

Increase row: 5 sts seed st, k1, m1, k to last 6 stitches, m1, k1, 5 sts seed st.
Work one WS row even.

Repeat these last 2 rows 13 times (total 26 rows) or until the two fronts meet to your satisfaction.

Discontinue increases and continue evenly in pattern, keeping first and last 5 stitches in seed stitch and the rest of the body in stockinette stitch, until piece measures 10 inches from underarm or 1 inch less than desired length.

Work 1” seed stitch.

Bind off all stitches loosely.

Place stitches from one sleeve section onto dpn or small circular. Rejoin yarn and pick up and knit one stitch from body underarm. Place marker and begin knitting in the round.
Knit 12 rounds.

Decrease round: k1, ssk, k to 3 before marker, k2tog, k1.
Knit 5 rounds even.

Repeat these 6 rounds a total of 6 times or until desired narrowness.

Discontinue decreases and knit evenly until sleeve measures 17.5” from underarm or 1” less than desired length.

Work 1” seed stitch.

Bind off all stitches.

Pick the point on the fronts where you want the ties to be and mark on each side of front with safety pins. Using crochet hook, pick up one stitch from marked spot. Chain 10”, the work one row slip stitch back to the beginning of the chain. End with a slip stitch into the front edge of cardigan and bind off. Repeat for the other side of cardi. Weave in ends.

Let me know if you make one!

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  1. Lisa G

    WOW! I’ve been lurking for a wee while and while always in awe, this pushed me over the edge and I just had to comment!!! I checked your blog last week and you were talking about making one and I check this week and here it is! I’ve no idea how you manage to fit everything in but you do…congratulations!

    This is a fantastic pattern/modification….so much so that I may have to put my hour glass on hold!

    Looks great on you!

  2. Wanda

    I really like this sweater and am contemplating making it for myself. I’m just curious if it will be difficult to upsize a bit. My bust size is a 38-40″. Not terribly bigger, but I’m sure a 36″ would be too small for me.

  3. Leslie

    I love this sweater. I was wondering how hard it would be to down size to a s or sx. Any suggestions!

  4. Cheryl

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m printing the pattern and making one for moi…that is after I finish the other upteen billion other projects on the go!

  5. Stacey

    Stumbled across your blog somehow…not quite sure…and I LOVE this pattern. I printed it out. I am totally going to make it. Maybe not right away (christmas gifts and such in the works) but sometime in the near future.

    I am impressed by how fast you can knit…seems like you just keep churning out FO’s…

  6. Ariane

    So pretty! I imagine this in a light colored, ballet-shoe pink cotton next spring :]

    Your FO’s are inspiring.

  7. Noo

    I LOVE Cavern! I really want to make one, but like Wanda, I am a 38-40″ bust, and a knitting novice on top of that. If we beg and plead, will you translate the patterns for busty wenches like Wanda and me?! (Sorry, Wanda!).

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  9. nubia griselda

    hi. sorry i dont speak inglish. espero que se puede traducir correctamente mi español al ingles y puedas entenderme. Tengo como 4 meses visitando tu pagina y maravillada con tus hermosos sueteres, me gustaria que pudieras hacer un como recetario de como reduses y aumentas puntos para hacer los sueteres, aun no eh comenzado alguno y me gustaria empezar uno ya claro con tua ayuda.
    gracias y muchos saludos desde Mexico Queretaro.

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    […] I also splurged a bit and got 4 balls of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit the Cavern Cardiganfor myself – i’m so in love with this pattern, but i’m nervous since this will be my first real sweater for a big person.  I also picked up the right needles for this and some stitch holders of the baby sweater – man I hope I can pull them off – I’ll be so excited if they look good and fit. […]

  11. Liz

    Thanks for this great pattern! I am going to start on one of these soon! (I’ll let you know when I’m finished.)

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    […] The projects I have planned are this kimono for Laure’s new baby girl, and this cardigan for me! First I went to Now and Then in Takoma Park b/c I have not been there yet in my limited local yarn travels. It was worth the few extra miles b/c I found they carry tons of Peaches and Cream (I’ll be back for that when I get that dishcloth hankering again), and this lovely Malabrigo wool. (I may or may not use the wool for my cardigan—I had been thinking of cotton, but perhaps I will just have to make two!) This colorway is called “Paris night” (and of course this photo does not do it justice at all). How romantic! It’s just beautiful. Now and Then has a good selection of the few yarns they carry, but not being a yarn store per se, they don’t have a ton of yarns, so I stopped by Inez’s on my way home and picked up this Plymouth alpaca/merino for the kimono. Whee! […]

  13. Kristiina

    Thank you for the pattern! It was easy to knit and I like my Cavern very much. There is pictures in my blog (text is only in finnish, sorry).

  14. mags

    Hi- I’m in the middle of knitting your Cavern cardigan and I’m confused about what Work one WS row even means (in the instructions for the body). Can you help me?

  15. Sandie

    Love this pattern! I just finished one and starting another! So easy and fast.
    Love the knit from the neck down patterns…thank you!

  16. Mags

    I just tried on the body and have apparently made the armholes a little bit too small. Is there any way to enlarge the armholes without ripping out the bottom half of the cardigan?

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  18. MY Blog » In a funk

    […] But I’m feeling the need to get cranking on some other bigger project.  Nothing’s calling out to me so urgently yet.  The cavern cardi is appealing–a slightly bustier version of the cardi Risa’s working on, but I’m just not tempted to cast on yet.  Maybe this is the collective voice of all my UFOs speaking to me (finish me, finish me. . .). […]

  19. ShirleyLashinsky

    I would like to make this in a small? Would this instr. fit? Are the needles size American? I would appreciate an answer. Thank you

  20. Näin kulutan aikaa

    Cavern cardigan…

    Tein itselleni 7 veljeksestä (75% villa, 25% polyamidi, puikkosuositus 4 mm, 18 s ja 26 krs = 10 cm) Cavern cardiganin. Takki neulotaan ilman saumoja yhtenä kappaleena ylhäältä alaspäin.Tein pieniä muutoksia ohjeeseen: Tein yhdet raglanlisäykse…

  21. affen

    Thanks for the pattern! It’s so beautiful and still simple – simply beautiful! My version of cavern can be found on my blog.

  22. gwenevere

    Wow. Bonus points for using Brown Sheep (love them!), more bonus pints for knitting it in black (belly-slimming and guaranteed style longevity), and even MORE for using a low tie that lets you show off the girls in a pink tee. Don’t make me say how many patterns go in the reject pile on account of fussy, too-high button-up necklines with ugly, ugly, ugly buttons. Gotta love knitted-from-the-top-down idea, too–that’s what lets you try it on as you go and see how it will hang on your very own actual self. Great style, sweetie!

  23. Pennie Blonigan

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