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Finally, my internet’s working. Must type post quickly in the event it decides to quit…

Gahhh. I just went to Elann and they’ve got more Jo Sharp Tweed!! And the DK weight, too! Oh well. I suppose I don’t ACTUALLY feel like buying more yarn – I’m rather overwhelmed with my stash and lineup of projects as it is. I really really want some Phildar mags though – their projects look so awesome. But again with the not buying things. Maybe in January.

I really want to make Cozy. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I was really thinking in more detail about it tonight. I don’t want to buy yarn, so what do I have that would work? Cotton-ease, but then it would be really BRIGHT red (can I overdye cotton/acrylic? just a little?). I’ve also got black Elann Sonata cotton, but that’s in a sweater quantity that I don’t really want to dip into. I’ve also got the Fleece Artist Silken – Amy (Singer) posted on the Knitty board that she was making cozy in the SIlken. There’s only 500 m of the Silken though, and the pattern calls for over 640 m. I think I have enough of a deep rose colour Sonata cotton for it, maybe.

Oh well. It’s not like I’d have time to do it anytime soon anyway.

Progress reports (pictures to come tomorrow, perhaps). My grandfather’s scarf is almost done, thank goodness. I’m on the last ball of yarn. I’ve been getting 6-7 garter ridges per ball, so I’m going to do 4 garter ridges and then bind off. I’m paranoid about having enough yarn to bind off with, so better too much than not enough. Should be done soon! Hurrah!

I’ve also resurrected mini-charlotte, and between lecture and snb, managed to get through about a repeat and a half. I’m now on the second skein of yarn. Again with the binding off issue – I’ll just sort of have to play it by ear on this one.

And in between all of this, I managed to work about an inch and a half of the body of my cabled ribby, and just a few rows on my LoTech.

I’m sleepy. And yet, I must finish writing this paper. I ended up just getting a Coke in the subway, when I think I could’ve used a Bawls. But I didn’t want to get off the subway just to go to Shoppers. I’ve just got to write a discussion/conclusion, and EDIT THE HELL OUT OF IT – it’s 4 pages double spaced max, and I’ve got almost three pages single spaced. booo, hiss.






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