Busy busy.

I have been sooo busy lately with school and work. I like to have things to do, but sometimes a girl needs a rest!

I’ve joined the Kitty Hat Knitalong, hosted by Silvia. My little sister (she’ll be 11 this month) picked out some Bernat “So Soft” for a Kitty Hat a couple of months ago, but I’ve never gotten around to making it. Since her birthday is coming up, I figured it was finally time. After being spoiled by all the alpaca and cashmere at the shop, though, this acrylic is driving me nuts! Oh well, a few rounds a day and it’ll still get done fast.

Working away on the 2x2x3x1 Ribby still. I’ve got 9.5 inches of the body done, out of the fourteen before the sleeve join. I think I’ll be lengthening it a wee bit, maybe an inch. I should really get started on that other sleeve as well, since I’ll need it fairly soon.

Stitch and bitch last night at Lettuce Knit was great – there were *so* many people! Megan counted about fifteen, and there were some that were in and out. I think that’s the most people we’ve ever had in the store at once!

I want to get pictures up of a bunch of the finished things that I’ve done this year, but that’ll have to wait until at least Saturday.

P.S. Anyone want to try a seriously addictive game? Mystery of Time and Space.






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