burning questions

With regards to moving.

1) Why do things expand when you put them in boxes?

2) Why do things expand further when you put them in a car?

3) How many trips of the minivan (with only the third seat removed) will it take to transport all my belongings?

4) Will my new window, internet connection, sofa and bed be delivered on time?

5) How come things that are normally squishy (ie. yarn) suddenly become un-squishy when placed into a vehicle?

6) How can I work on packing things up all day long for several days and still have stuff all over the place?

and the most burning question of all…







17 responses to “burning questions”

  1. michael Avatar

    I am having some similar questions go unanswered. Mine also include ‘how did my days off work to move not get approved?’, ‘what do you mean there are NO rental trucks in town?’ and ‘how do you expect me to move in under three hours?’

    The first will be a long day.

  2. April Avatar

    I find that humming the Tetris music while packing makes things squish together more easily.

    As for that last question, I wish I could answer that one for myself.

  3. Maryse Avatar

    When I was a student and moved 3 times a year for the work terms, I learned to keep my belongings to a minimum. I still aim at it, but you are so right, how can we accumulate that much? In any case, I hope the move goes well and you enjoy your new place!

  4. Tanis Avatar

    About a month ago we moved within our building from the first flour to the fourth. We kept telling ourselves that it was going to be a real easy move since we wouldn’t even have to go outside… we were wrong, it makes no difference, moving always sucks! But we are so happy in our new place, so it was worth it. Good luck!

  5. Mary Avatar

    My housemate asks that last question every single time we’ve moved…Even after he realizes that I’m all done packing and we’re just left with his stuff…

    Move often enough, and it’s amazing how much you will get rid of, and keep ridden of.

  6. Amanda Avatar

    We’re convinced our stuff in the closets bred this last move. We’d think we had just a couple more boxes and end up with a full load, only to do it again. We have no idea where half of it came from.

  7. Georganna Avatar

    Oh yes, stuff, love it, hate it ;-). Reminds me of the old George Carlin bit about ‘Stuff’ (on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvgN5gCuLac – funny).
    I’ve just moved a lot of stuff too, and after a month, I still have unpacked boxes in the garage mostly b/c I don’t know where to put it — ack!

  8. Jane Avatar

    Oh yes yes, *that* part of moving. Good luck!

  9. kimchi Avatar

    never fails to amaze me too. the amazing expansion power of my crap. it’s like they have a secret “exponential growth” button that gets pushed and it all just explodes… Hang in there! :o)

  10. marri Avatar

    good rule of thumb for moving: if you haven’t taken at least a car trunk’s worth of stuff per room in your current abode to your local donation center (goodwill, etc – not sure what operates in canada?), you haven’t purged enough!

    (we’re moving too. i hate moving. such a nightmare!)

  11. Katie Avatar

    I’ve recently moved and I find myself feeling the same way. After living in my new place for a month now and still unpacking (forever) I’m starting to wonder if the boxes are mating or something.

    Just thought I’d de-lurk to say I feel ya and good luck! And don’t be afraid to get rid of stuff, it feels awesome!

  12. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Everyone I know is moving now, except for those few of us who moved in the spring. We had a hypercube (27 14×14″ boxes) of just books in our first storage pod, and it still wasn’t all of our books much less all of our possessions, so I can completely sympathize with what you are going through!

  13. tina Avatar

    And then what is sad in my case…some of those boxes stay unpacked until the next move!!!

  14. Leah Avatar

    I blame the fiber… (and books. and clothes.)

    Seriously, I’m moving in a month and it’s gonna take all month to pack my studio apartment which is packed to the gills with STUFF that all has some sentimental value or use. I think if you’re crafty you think everything might be useful Eventually. I almost don’t want help moving because I’m embarrassed by the sheer volume of stuff. Almost.

  15. Lieke Avatar

    I’m moving this saturday… so I know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately.

  16. Jackie Avatar

    I can’t answer your questions. But the answer to #4 is No. Kind of a Murphy’s Law kind of thing.

    I hate to move. It’s too much work. Though it does make you question whether or not your “stuff” is necessary!

  17. fibercrone Avatar

    After filling a UHaul with stuff from a 3rd floor apartment, for a moment, as I was locking on the sturdy padlock, it seemed too insubstantial to secure all my belongings. Thirty seconds of reflection on this and I decided I should have bought the cheapest lock.

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