lego man without a head

lego man stands tall

Pattern: Some Assembly Required
Yarn: Cascade 220

Very, very fiddly but not really that much knitting and super cute! And I loooove his little hands. Still needs a face but otherwise done!

19 Responses to “bottom to top”

  1. Seanna Lea

    Excellent! I really want to make these for one of my lego-loving friends, but am afraid if I make one I’ll be asked to make hundreds!

  2. Kate

    My son is a Lego nut. I really need to make this for him. How tall is he finished? Do you have any tips for making him?

  3. hanne

    I love that little guy!! I’m from the homecountry of Lego’s and hane played with Lego since my childhood.

  4. rovings

    My husband was reading over my shoulder as I was looking at all of the knitting blogs I keep up on and when I came to yours he said “A lego guy! That is so cool!” and then gave me a very meaningful look as if to say knit me one immediately!

  5. Jenny

    Absolutely Beauuuuuuuutifull Legoman :D My brothers little boy would like this I’m sure :D where did you find this pattern??? Love Jenny


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