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lego man without a head

lego man stands tall

Pattern: Some Assembly Required
Yarn: Cascade 220

Very, very fiddly but not really that much knitting and super cute! And I loooove his little hands. Still needs a face but otherwise done!



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19 responses to “bottom to top”

  1. lilah Avatar

    lego man! coooooooollllll

  2. Rachel Avatar

    wow…..I’m still so tempted….maybe I’ll make one for ravelympics.

  3. Maryse Avatar

    That’s pretty cool! How original!

  4. April Avatar

    So awesome…I might have to break down and make one.

  5. Jane Avatar

    Hahaha, oh man, he looks amazing. Fantastic work. Is he stuffed, though, or is he solid?

  6. Drop Stitches Not Bombs Avatar

    That is the most kick-ass piece of knitting I’ve seen all festive season.

  7. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Excellent! I really want to make these for one of my lego-loving friends, but am afraid if I make one I’ll be asked to make hundreds!

  8. Kate Avatar

    My son is a Lego nut. I really need to make this for him. How tall is he finished? Do you have any tips for making him?

  9. Stacie Avatar

    Love him! I just have two more legs to go, and I’ll have my 2 SARs done!

  10. BabyBeth Avatar

    That came out amazing! It ALMOST makes me wanna knit one too.

  11. CambriaW Avatar

    I just love that! It’s adorable, even without a face :)

  12. Abby Avatar

    This is seriously amazing! I love it!

  13. kmkat Avatar

    Thank FSM #2 son didn’t spot this about ten years ago.

  14. hanne Avatar

    I love that little guy!! I’m from the homecountry of Lego’s and hane played with Lego since my childhood.

  15. rovings Avatar

    My husband was reading over my shoulder as I was looking at all of the knitting blogs I keep up on and when I came to yours he said “A lego guy! That is so cool!” and then gave me a very meaningful look as if to say knit me one immediately!

  16. Em Avatar

    Ah, that’s super cute! I wish I had more patience for fiddly knits.

  17. Lynne Avatar


  18. Jenny Avatar

    Absolutely Beauuuuuuuutifull Legoman :D My brothers little boy would like this I’m sure :D where did you find this pattern??? Love Jenny

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