blog faster!

Must type rapidly.

Sherbet merino – 266 yards of 2ply!

Camo green/yellow dyed merino.

One broadripple down, one to go. Next sock will be the “go with the flow” sock from interweave.

Spencer all blocked. Just need buttons.

Also: just when I ran out of stuff to dye, another pound of wool blend showed up. This time, at least one 8 oz dyelot – what colour, what colour. Also, i want to order more merino! It’s soooo soft and lovely.






8 responses to “blog faster!”

  1. Deb Avatar

    Your Spencer looks great. That’s such a nice pattern, and I keep forgetting about it. Remind me, which issue was that in? I think I’m going to go stick a Post-it on that page so I don’t forget! Yours looks so pretty, I want one!

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    Love the spencer sweater! Gorgeous! Fun sock, love it!

  3. Jen M Avatar
    Jen M

    Spencer came out really cute! I think the added length made it both more wearable, and better-looking. Look forward to seeing the modeled shot.

  4. Wanda Avatar

    I love the Spencer. And I do like the longer length. As modeled in IK, I liked the design of the sweater but immediately wrote it off as too short, but now you’re making me thinkg it could be doable.

    Great sock too. Love the colorway.

  5. heide Avatar

    Hi there, fancy lady! Somehow I lost track of you when you moved your blog, and I just found you again… Spencer looks great!

  6. abby Avatar

    I found your blog while googling “Teva Durham Tartan Jacket”. I must say-you are an awesome knitter!!! I have only been knitting a few months so I hope to someday knit many of the things you’ve finished (ubernatural is #1!!!). Thanks for all the great pics -cheers-abby

  7. Jo Avatar

    I *love* that sherbet merino! As I get older I am loving orange more and more…

  8. Pat Avatar

    I made the Top-Down Raglan Cardi version 2.0 from scrap yarns and it went very well, I did sew a strip of seam binding across the neck to stabilize it. Thanks very much.