blobs and piles


Blocking parts of Pasha, and the first robot – it looks good! I’m sure it’s going to be supercute. And the little panel on front is my handspun, which is kind of a fun addition. I think the next robot will be done in a different order, though – arms first (I keep wanting to say sleeves!), then back, then front since the front is much more fiddly than anything else. Also blocking is the cabled gauntlets.


What I’ve done of the fiery bolero – this is less than three-skeins’ worth of TLC cotton plus, which is really quite a nice yarn. I’m a bit worried that this is going to be too big, but…oh well. No turning back now. I’m hoping to get the second front done tonight.


Wednesday before Steph’s book launch, I went to the store to hang out for awhile, and came home with this – six skeins of Cascade Pastaza. Mmmm! I’ve got four of the brighter colour and two of the darker, for some kind of stripey sweater.







2 responses to “blobs and piles”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Ooo I like the yarn for the stripey sweater, that’s going to be cute!

  2. Anne Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the finished robot.

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