black hole

Arghhhh I keep meaning to post about the wedding and how fab it was, photos of the necklace, current knitting, etc, etc.

Alas. I’ve barely had any time at home this week and still won’t for another day or two. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I’ve been knitting the Bubble sweater from Knitting Nature – fun, and fast. I should start a sleeve, since the body’s getting a little big to carry around (I’m on pentagon 5 of 8). It’s just a traditional set in sleeve, but I’m thinking of doing it in the round up to the cap…not for any particular reason, but less seaming I suppose. I’m using Manos and knitting it very tightly – on 4 mm needles!

You know, this all would be a heck of a lot better with some photos. So I think I’ll just hold off on other knitterly updates for the moment. Instead, I should really go take some notes and do some research on German experimental embryology in the late 1800’s…

send help.






4 responses to “black hole”

  1. Emilee Avatar

    Oof, have fun with embryology.

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Leslie Avatar

    Good gods!
    Or at least alcohol and chocolate!
    good luck!

  3. Loren Avatar

    I love Knitting Nature! That woman sure can write a pattern! I made the first sweater in the book and I love it. I wear it all time, it’s so comfortable.

  4. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    hmmm…. I’ll take some chocolate and alcohol if people are sending it. ;)

    Good luck- hopefully you will see the light soon.

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