Well, as the title implies, it was my 20th birthday yesterday (the first). It wasn’t anything really special – I mostly hung around the house, there was cake, and then I had dinner at a friend’s house, which was actually very nice. I can’t seem to come up with much else enlightening to say (not that the preceeding paragraph was enlightening in any way), but I do have some knitting content:

Charlotte’s done, and I wore her out last night to a movie (Spiderman 2 for the second time). LOVE her. Today I’ve been working on my Ribby cardie, which I’m knitting out of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, in “licorice” (black). I love how fast it’s working up, and the yarn feels really nice – just like my favourite sweater from the Gap (which incidentally is also 50% cotton, 50% acrylic). Since Lion Brand stuff isn’t too easy to come by here, even this cheapie yarn has its novelty. This is going to be a super comfy, wear-everywhere sweater! I can’t wait!

I may just be engrossed in this cardie for the next week or so, even though the weather isn’t exactly sweater friendly. I’ve also casted on for my Chickami. Soon on the horizon will also be the “stripes go round” tee from the Summer Interweave and the Bella cardigan.

My posts are awfully boring. I feel so inferior to such witty bloggers as the Yarn Harlot and the likes…ah well. What would certainly liven things up around here: the camera I want. It’s on sale at Future Shop for $379 CDN, but I’d also have to get more memory and rechargeable batteries…it certainly adds up. I may have to settle for the Olympus 4 MP camera that’s on sale for $299, but doesn’t have the cool manual features.

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