Still no pics today. Tomorrow, I promise! It’s boring without pictures, I know…

At any rate, I am now freeeeeee of school for three weeks and 2 days, and I can knit my little fingers off willy-nilly. My cabled top-down is progressing nicely – hmm. I think it needs a name…then colour is a pine-y-blue, and it’s got a cable down the front. Any ideas?

I’ve also started Bella, from White Lies. It’s sooo beautiful and fun. I’ve got maybe 2 inches of the back done, and it seems to be working up pretty fast – even though I’ll be knitting forever with the longer length, it’ll still be fun. I’m using Naturelle 8/8 from elann, in a nice heathery gray, and number 9 Denise needles. I went a little bigger with the needle because a) my number 8 is rather occupied at the moment, being shared between two projects; and b) I want it to end up a little bigger than the 38″ finished size. I did swatch, and I’m getting just a slightly larger gauge, a fraction of a stitch. So that should work out.

I think that’s about it..for now. Hooray for freedom! (not the US brand, not that I mean to offend anyone.)






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