back on track

After a while of severe non-progress around here, I’ve finally got some things to show!

Trekking Socks
Pattern: basic sock on 64 stitches, short row heel, regular toe
Yarn: Trekking XXL 100
Needles: Clover 2.0 mm dpn
Finished: March 24, 2006

Took awhile to get them done – they were the on-the-go project. But look at those colours!

New gadget – a Weavette handloom! I tried one out at work last week and it was so addictive, I had to get one – I got the 6×6 square.

I’ve done 2 squares with fleece artist sock yarn leftovers. They’re making an awesome plaid pattern! I’ve got enough left for maybe one more square. Think of the leftover possibilities…

Even more fibre-y fun: new yarns!

Blue-face leicester, 2ply, 210 yards. I wasn’t sure about the colours in this one (I dyed the roving beforehand) but I actually really like the result! It’s springy; yellow and yellow-y green, with some pinky bits as well.

Watermelon-coloured bfl singles. You know, I’m never sure about singles. I put a bit more twist in this skein than I thought I should for singles, but they still feel a bit…unsubstantial. Perhaps I need to try a mroe worsted technique for less airy yarn when doing singles.

Fleece Artist-dyed wool/silk (65/35) 2ply. It’s a honking skein – 640 yards! And oh so soft and shiny. Mmmmmmmm.

That’s it for today – I’ve got another FO that I’m saving for tomorrow!

And thanks for everyone who participated in my survey – I’m closing it up now, and will draw for a gifty sometime this week. Those that left their surveys in the comments that are begin held for moderation – I won’t be approving them (so they won’t show up with your name) but I did get them! Thanks!






16 responses to “back on track”

  1. Elspeth Avatar

    I love the socks! The yarns are gorgeous too …

  2. Chris Avatar

    Oh, those Trekking socks are GREAT – fabulous colors. I must move that project closer to the top of my project list.

    I love your sock yarn weaving – so, what do you do with your little woven pieces now?

  3. Julie La Salle Avatar

    I would also like to know what you do with the squares you made.

    I bought some Fleece Artist Kid Silk yarn yesterday in Montreal. I nearly went mad with all the colors and the texture!

  4. Liz Avatar

    gorgrous yarns. and love the woven squares! can I ask where you got the Fleece artist one at the bottom of your list of treasures… the blue-ish one, it is SO amazing

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    Those are beatiful socks? And what are you going to do with your little squares? I’ve started looking at the handloom site myself!

  6. Alexa Avatar

    Everything is quite lovely, especially the socks and squares!

  7. grumperina Avatar

    Look at all the color fabulousness on your blog today! Love the socks and the woven squares!

  8. handknit168 Avatar

    I have tried the weaving, it is funny and interest. The most exciting is that u can design the pattern with different colour of string.

  9. Annarella Avatar

    Your sox look fantastic, gorgeous colourway!

  10. KnitPasatis Avatar

    Very cool sock yarn!

  11. j a r e d Avatar

    those woven squares are great!

  12. Julia Avatar

    Severe non progress?!

  13. Maritza Avatar

    Wow! I love those socks. The colors are gorgeous. And your yarns are lovely too. Oooh, those squares are adorable.

  14. gray la gran Avatar

    what method do you use for your short row heels? i’ve tried them before, and got a nice line of “lace”! do you prefer the fit of the short row heel?

  15. Lauren Avatar

    The weaving is seriously cool. I checked out some looms but managed to restrain myself. Mainly because I’d have no idea how to use it.

  16. rhelynn Avatar

    beautiiful trekking socks! I also love the weaving — have done some myself but on a homebuilt frame. Yours looks so much nicer – and the yarn is making a beautiful pattern!

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