baby it’s hot outside

Not thinking as much about the wool today (although let’s face it, I’m all about the wool) – how about some cotton?

I sewed this super awesome circle skirt today, out of some fabric I’ve had around from *last* summer. Really, really easy and fast – would have taken less than 2 hours from start to finish if I hadn’t messed up the waistband the first time. It’s an elastic waistband, but the first casing I made was too small to fit over my hips; it was the right size if I’d done a zipper instead. But I persevered, and just added another piece to the waistband to make it fit.

It’s super swingy! I love that. Maybe next time not quite a full circle – three quarters, maybe. I’m feeling the sewing love now…bring on the fabric store!

What? You want knitting? I gots a bit of knitting, too:

That’s the first of the completed sleeves from the rowanspun jacket. The second one is juuuuust about done, then it’s time for some finishing. I’ve also been working on some commission stuff.

(That isn’t complete, obviously.)

Transit on strike? Stay home from school and make a skirt! I certainly had fun.



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13 responses to “baby it’s hot outside”

  1. Lauren Avatar

    That is a great skirt. It almost makes me want to get a sewing machine and find space for it.

  2. Tanya Avatar

    Ooo, what a pretty skirt! It inspires me to drag out my own sewing machine.

  3. maggie Avatar

    LOVE the skirt! circle skirts are just about my most favourite item of clothing :) I’m a tool when it comes to sewing though :/

  4. gray la gran Avatar

    i cut out fabric for a skirt more than a MONTH ago! and everyday, i’ve said to myself, “gee, i’d have a new skirt to wear if i’d just go in there and sew it!” duh! yours is very cute. i spend my summers in dresses and skirts, and it’s beyond HOT down here (n.c.). i still haven’t turned on the AC, just because we’re still in may. it’s going to be a loooong summer. i see lots of cotton, linen, and hemp in my near future :)

  5. Lisa Avatar

    LOVE the skirt! Man, I got to get me some sewing lessons!!!! I would assume it costs less to make your own?

  6. quenna Avatar

    Wonderful skirt! Sewing is fun and can be as addictive as knitting!

  7. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    ya, what Lisa said.

    Love the twirly pic too. I bought myself a new skirt on Saturday and couldn’t help twirling just coz I liked what the skirt did.

  8. Gale Avatar

    Love that skirt Laura!

  9. Erica B. Avatar

    Cute Skirt! I’ve been stricken by the sewing bug too!

  10. Chris Avatar

    Swooshy swirly skirt fun!

  11. megan h Avatar
    megan h

    had to see the skirt you made! nice job, laura. rachel is right, the twirly picture rocks!

  12. bekka Avatar

    super cute skirt. makes me want to make one. and i bought a few yards earlier this week with a flippy,circly skirt in mind. thanks for inspiring me!

  13. Anna Avatar

    I adore this skirt!!! I’m searching for some cute easy skirt patterns that will look nice on..ummm…a size 14. I have just caught the sewing bug and made a skirt which looks like, well, a sack. Too big and it was out of quilting cotton which I thought would be fine! Any suggestions?

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