awww you guys.

I’m so, so happy that you guys love Thermal! Let me know if there’s a knitalong, ok, and I’ll help you out with any questions ;) After Rachel H. took possession of the original, she reported that it was indeed very warm and very comfy. And sent me a couple of emails about it, too!

So – other knitting. There’s a lot of projects. Many were tossed aside for the capecho.

Which went so fast that this is the best photo I have of it. It’s not quite done yet (I’m still working on the collar) but the body is done and hanging out at the store. It, uh, needs some blocking which will hopefully help with the multiple-boob appearance. I just looooved knitting it – the pentagons went really fast and were extremely addictive!

Now that it’s mainly done, I’m focusing more on the organic cabled raglan – I’m up to the armhole of the front and will hopefully be done that piece soon.

Meanwhile, in my non-happy-bubble-of-knitting life, I’m almost done with food reintroductions and cheating left and right. Whoops. I’ve got a pretty good idea on some particular triggers, though. We’ll see what happens; after some treatment I might able to eat some of them again, or at least up my threshhold. And school – oh, the school. It’s scary. Really scary.

In fact, I need to go write a paper now!







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  1. xtin Avatar

    Hi, I think I’ll start a knitalong for Thermal. I’m already 5″ into mine. It’ll be at and probably be altogether sometime tomorrow night.
    Thanks for designing really cute things!

  2. Jessica Avatar

    I ordered yarn to start Thermal already. It reminds me of a favorite old sweater that’s falling apart so it will be nice to have a handknit replacement.

  3. Thalia Avatar

    I love it! I’m so glad Knitters Without Borders is getting out there in the public eye more too. I’d participate in a knitalong, I’ll need to stock up on eentsy yarn!

  4. gleek Avatar

    thermal is indeed very nice! one of the few knitty patterns from this season i could see myself making!

    those pentagons look pretty cool. can’t wait to see the whole thing put together.

  5. Leslie Avatar

    Thermal is the kind of sweater you always grab for. Wonder design. I do envy how prolific a knitter you are, but practice makes perfect, no? Let’s see, where are those needles…

  6. mary Avatar

    re: school. Just do it as the nike commercial says. I just got done with my MSW and passed my license. Took 7 or 8 years and it was a process all the way. Think of it as a challenging sweaters, at times you might want to throw it across the room, at times you want to put it down and think there is no way to get my fingers to figure this one out. But once you get it done, (each class) you have accomplished much and before you know it you have a sweater or a degree.
    I really like your site and it is inspirational. Keep up the good work and know that you just do it.

  7. Susan Avatar

    A Thermal KAL? Please provide the link, whenever it’s up, since I subscribe to your blog–I’d be sure to see it that way. I’m going to swatch soon–just to see if I can use Koigu KPPPM.

    The capecho looks great–I was wondering if it would work in a darker color.

  8. Val Avatar

    Wow, that’s weird… I came over to tell you how awesome Thermal is, and I read this line about reintroduction and cheating and triggers… Is this about migraine triggers? If it is *holy* coincidence! I’m on day 7 and I cheated once with dairy, but no coffee, chocolate, alcohol, etc… Its soooo tempting to think “the neuro won’t know I cheated, what’s the big deal…”. Anyhoo! Congrats on a gorgeous sweater, and if you did the whole 30day trigger-testing diet, CONGRATS!! I’m *so* glad to hear someone lived through it ;)

  9. carrie Avatar

    Capecho – so interesting looking, and what a lovely color! Thermal is very nice too…one of these days…

    Keep stong with the class. You need to inspire me to finish my own MA!

  10. jae Avatar

    am i going to sound really dumb if i ask “who is rachel h.?”…

    good luck with those food introductions.

  11. Becky Avatar

    I think Thermal is a great design. It’s a little overwhelming to think of knitting it in that gauge but I’ve decided to give it a try because I love the idea of this sweater so much. Here’s a link on my blog to a page I started for conversations with other Thermal knitters if you want to give it a look:

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