August 1

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’ll be 23!

I’ll be celebrating the night away at knit night at lettuce knit, and would be thrilled if you’d come! I probably won’t be there until about eight (since I’m going out for dinner), but it’s always a fun time down at the ol’ snb.

Knitting stuff soon. Really.






45 responses to “August 1”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Happy Birthday to us! Aug 1 I’ll be 30. Best day to have a birthday! :-)

  2. Julia Avatar

    Happy, happy birthday! Hope you get lots of yarn. =)

  3. Deirdre Avatar

    Happy Birthday! Dinner and knitting – sounds like the perfect birthday evening – have fun!

  4. naomi Avatar

    Happy birthday!

  5. Lisa Avatar

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day : )

  6. Lia Avatar

    Best wishes from one birthday girl to another. 32 (!) here.

  7. Caro Avatar

    Have a smashing 23rd!

  8. Anna Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!

  9. Ivy Mae Avatar

    Happy Birthday! August 2nd is my husband’s birthday, too. Hope it’s a wonderful day for you!

  10. Andrea Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Cheryl Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Lee Ann Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Laura! I wish I could be there!

  13. Bear Knits Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Jen Avatar

    Woo hoo! Happy birthday! Congratulations, have a great time!

  15. lisa Avatar

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  16. Amy Avatar

    Happy Birthday. What a perfect way to spend the day dinner and knitting. Its nice to know others think this is fun, some of my friends thought I was nuts when I wanted to spend my birthday knitting. Muggles.

  17. Dove Avatar

    It’s all downhill from 23 ;) Trust me, I’m turning 26 later this week.

    Happy birthday!

  18. Natalie Avatar

    What a great place to spend your birthday! I hope it was everything you wished for and more!

  19. susan Avatar

    Happy Birthday! Don’t believe it Dove! It only gets better from here. I turn 52 August 18th!

  20. Lauren Avatar

    Have a great birthday! 23 was a decent year. I am almost to 25… eek!

  21. Gena Avatar

    Happy happy birthday!

  22. Miss Knits Much Avatar

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy great food and even better knitting!

  23. Alice from france Avatar

    Happy birthday! Hope this day was pretty good for you and all your dreams comes true!

  24. Sarah Avatar

    Tomorrow is my birthday too! Happy celebrating!

  25. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Happy Birthday! I won’t make the obligatory comments about how young you are and how much you have in front of you. I will tell you that it just gets better and better!

  26. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Happy Birthday Laura!

    Sorry I can’t be there tonight. Have a great time.

  27. Kim U Avatar

    Have a great birthday!!!

  28. LisaK Avatar

    Have a very happy birthday! Much fiber and all the best things to eat!

  29. Christie Avatar

    Happy birthday, fellow Leo!

  30. Alison Avatar

    Happy birthday! I hope you’re having tons of fun!

  31. Kelly Avatar

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry I didn’t read this until tonight – I would have come by!

  32. maria Avatar

    hey happy birthday!!

    delurking to wish you a very happy day and say that i absolutely love your blog. in fact, i check it obsessively :-)

  33. Joanne Avatar

    Have a Happy Birthday!!

  34. RACHELE Avatar

    happy birthday to you!
    i’ll be 23 on the 20th! scary year – huh?
    rachele, the knitaholic

  35. Esther Avatar

    Happy happy birthday!
    thanks for your expertise and your fun designs! May you have a great birthday!

  36. Debbie Avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday Laura!

    Hope your day was full of everything good and LOTS of knitting time ;-D

  37. lynette Avatar

    happy birthday to you!!!

  38. Rita Avatar

    Happy Birthday. August is a great month for B”days, next week is mine.

  39. Carey Avatar


  40. Moggle Avatar

    Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope you knitted with something amazing like cashmere or silk or alpaca!

  41. DebbieB Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

  42. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Dang! I missed it!

    You have the same birthday as my boyfriend!

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