attack of the killer headache

Well, it’s taken me ages to get this post up today because I feel like CRAAAAAP. I’ve still got a cough (although it’s a bit better today). I managed to confuse my eyeballs by spinning and watching TNG for a few hours this afternoon, even though it wasn’t any longer or different than other times I spin! My vision got funny and I couldn’t see properly. Seems to have gone away after a bit of a lie-down, though. And I’ve got a killer headache that refuses to go away despite a banana, water, and painkillers. Owie.

Anyway, what did I make during that spinning session? I finished up the spring-pea singles from before, and made a big skein of 2ply (too scattered to figure the yardage), about 14-15 wpi. (P.S. The colour sucks in these photos, overcast day – a bit more accurate in the photo from this post)

With the leftover singles, I made my first cabled yarn! This is about 44 yards. I think the structure is pretty awesome, although in some areas there’s much more twist in one of the plies.

In other handspun goodness, I started knitting a Flower Basket Shawl out of the fleece artist wool/silk I spun up awhile ago! I looooove it, even though it is multicoloured lace ; )

I’m starting to get the hang out the pattern, too, so I might just be able to memorize it.

Lastly, I wanted to share a super sweet gesture from one of my readers, Dotty – she made a top down cardi from my pattern, and sent me a (totally unnecessary) gift!

This was her Olympic “alternate” project and her first lace!

Thanks so much Dotty!






4 responses to “attack of the killer headache”

  1. Chris Avatar

    How sweet of Dotty!

    Mmm, that Fleece Artist shawl is looking really good – high “yum” factor. :)

  2. --Deb Avatar

    Hey, there ARE times when multi-colored lace works. It all depends on the colors and the pattern, and I think that’s looking great. Good for you!

  3. Ruth Avatar

    My nose is pressed up against the moniter of my computer sussing out your single near your title…omg it’s so neat!! Trying to spin a single is doing my head in!! Mine have skinny bits, blobby bits and piggie tail bits ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…do you have a secret?? Ruth from Australia…

  4. mama therapy Avatar

    Wow, great fabric and coloring for a flower basket shawl! It’ll look fabulous, I look forward to se the result !!

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