as promised: a short-row heel tutorial

Mmmmmkay. Here goes – sorry some of the photos are blurry, it’s just me and my 2.1 mp camera round here! Consider this my contribution to Socktoberfest! Photo heavy post, of course. Click photos to embiggen.

This is the method I use on my short-row heels. These days I do the short-row heel almost exclusively; I just find it so darn fast and easy. No counting (well, minimal counting) and no increase in stitch number. Plus, it fits me well – your mileage may vary. And yes, this does involve knitting and purling three things together. I knit quite loosely; this might help me do those more easily than someone who knits tighter.

Without further ado!

The heel is worked on 50% of the total sock stitches – in this case I’m doing a 64 stitch sock, so 32 stitches for the heel. Using 1 needle, knit across to the last heel stitch (here, k 31). (The photo isn’t of the 32nd stitch – it’s much easier to show you when several stitches have already been wrapped.)


Bring the yarn to the front. Slip the stitch purlwise. Bring the yarn to the back and put the just-slipped stitch back onto the left needle.


When you turn, your yarn will already be in the correct place to start purling.


Purl across to the last heel stitch. Keeping the yarn in front, slip the stitch purlwise. Bring the yarn to the back and replace the slipped stitch on the left needle.


When you turn, the yarn will be in the front. Bring it to the back between the needles to start knitting.


Knit across to one before the previously wrapped stitch, wrap, and turn. Purl across to one before the previously wrapped stitch, wrap, and turn. Continue to work back and forth, wrapping and turning one stitch before the previous wrap on each end. I go until I have 14 stitches remaining unwrapped in the middle.


Now the tricky part – picking up the wraps! Knit across to the first wrapped stitch – this one is only wrapped once.


Insert the right needle tip into the wrap from bottom to top, and then into the stitch.


Knit the two together by wrapping the yarn, then bringing the new stitch through the old stitch and then the wrap.


Wrap the next stitch (this next stitch now has two wraps) and turn. Purl across to the first wrapped stitch – this stitch has one wrap.


See the row of bumps? Those are the wraps, and they need to be picked up on the public side in order to become invisible. Pick up the wrap on the right side of the work, from bottom to top.


Place this wrap on the needle. Purl these two together.



Wrap the next stitch and turn. Knit to the first double-wrapped stitch. You’ll need to pick up both wraps.


Place the right needle tip up through both wraps from bottom to top, then into the stitch.


Knit these three together.


Wrap the next stitch and turn. Purl to the first double wrapped stitch – here’s a photo of the two wraps, from the right side.


Pick up both wraps from the right side, from bottom to top.


Place them on the needle and purl the three together.


Wrap the next stitch and turn. Continue to work back and forth, picking up the double wraps and wrapping the following stitch. When picking up the wraps on the last heel stitch, I like to wrap the following (non-heel) stitch to prevent a hole from forming there.


When you turn and purl across, pick up the wraps on the last purl stitch and then wrap the following stitch. Turn and work all the way around the round, picking up each of these two wraps on your way.

Ta-da! No holes!

Purl side:

Knit side:

My method’s pretty similar to that of misocrafty, so you might want to check that tutorial out too!






168 responses to “as promised: a short-row heel tutorial”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Thank you – it’s basically what I already do, but I think I’m getting a little careless about how I pick up the wraps. I have a toe-up sock on the needles right now, and I’m rapidly approaching the heel – I will definitely be referring to your tutorial.

    Thanks again.

  2. Kate Avatar

    Thankyou! Very clear and easy to understand – I’ll give it a go on my next pair.

  3. ~Jo~ Avatar

    Thank you so much for taking so many pictures. If only I had a sock ready to start the heel. ;) I think I will practice on a baby size sock.

  4. Laura Avatar

    Thank you so much! I’m going to try it right NOW!! Haha. No, reallly.

  5. Leslie Avatar

    Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I do it the exact same way, except for the extra wrap to avoid a hole. That was going to be my question to you, since I always end up with a hole, but you’ve already answered it. I’ll be trying it out on my Soctoberfest socks.

  6. jillian Avatar

    Thank you so much for doing this tutorial – I have printed it for future reference!

  7. DebbieB Avatar

    Wow, thank you for this! I’ve been wanting to try a short-row heel – I’ll cast on this evening. This will be so helpful!

  8. mote Avatar

    Great tutorial! I think I’ve figured out why my short-row heels always looked a little sloppy – so thanks for sharing!

  9. Julia Avatar

    Oh wow, great tutorial! This is the best tutorial I’ve seen. I think lots of pictures are always the key. Luckily I learned short rows so i can knit Lizard Ridge from Knitty. I will definitely post a link to this tutorial on the knitalong I started for Lizard Ridge.

  10. --Deb Avatar

    VERY nice tutorial. I love short row heels but hate, absolutely hate trying to pick up the wraps (especially on the purl side). I can never see them well enough, they always misbehave, and then I get frustrated (grin). Which, of course, is why I use YOs instead of wraps, but still . . . maybe I’ll try again now that I have all these nice pictures to work from….

  11. Rose Avatar

    Wonderful tutorial–I can’t wait to start my next pair of socks. One question, and I feel silly, but am unsure. This is to be used only when doing toe up? Or can it also be used knitting cuff down?

  12. Punkin Avatar

    Great tutorial! I am knitting my first toe-up socks and am ready to start the heel. I was feeling a little lost but your tutorial has helped me gain some confidence. Thanx.

  13. emily elizabeth Avatar

    Ooooh. That came in handy at just the right time. I just got some amazing sock yarn and was plotting to start working on them but was loaaaaaathing the heel flap. Much thanks!

  14. The Procrastiknitter Avatar

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. It was MUCH easier to follow than the others.

  15. Julia Avatar

    I’m just about to turn the heel on my first sock – good timing!

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  17. Lolly Avatar

    Do you mind if I link to this entry for Socktoberfest tutorial? I know you are not participating, but you have shared some great information that I am sure would be helpful to many others. Please let me know – thanks!

  18. Rebecca Avatar

    Thanks so much for this. You made it easy to understand.

  19. Cin Avatar

    So clear, so easy to understand! Thank you. I’ve been knitting for a long time but never attempted socks, and now I feel that much closer to my first attempt.

  20. Maya Avatar

    Great tutorial, thank you !

  21. MissyJoon Avatar

    Thank you so much! Just for clarification . . . on the purl side, I need to turn it to the knit side to pick up the wraps?

  22. Tammany Avatar

    Thank you for this! I love toe up socks, but those stupid holes were getting to me. Next time I do one, I am going to try wrapping that extra stitch!

  23. […] As I said, I’m working on some socks for my SP. She said she doesn’t knit socks because “ya’ll must be on something to be playing with that tiny yarn and all of those tiny DPN’s”. So I’m making her a pair of simple socks using worsted weight wool (Lion Brand Felting) and size 3 dpns. Not exactly “tiny”, but small enough to not be bulky. I’m going to send these in the next package (because there’s no way they’ll be finished any time soon) along with some fancier worsted weight (I’m thinking Art Yarns Supermerino) and nice needles. I also have an idea involving something breakable, but I can’t spoil the surprise for everyone! Hehe. Anyway, the socks are just simple stockinette, but I did a picot cuff so they’re a little girlier. I sort of made it up as I went along, because I couldn’t find a decent pattern for worsted weight socks. I should have knit another round on each side of the picot, but now I know for next time, eh? I also decided to try doing a short row heel. For some reason, my heel never looks right when I pick up stitches along the flap, and this method just seems to look better. So I did it. And I love it! It looks sooooo much better, and it’s much easier and way less counting. I used Cosmic Pluto’s Tutorial which was supposed to be hole-less, yet somehow, I still ended up with a hole. I think I picked up the last wrap kinda funny, but all in all, I’m happy with the outcome. […]

  24. Ashley Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been looking for instructions for a short-row heel that I could actually understand (I can be very dim when it comes to following instructions!) and yours was perfect – my heel came out just right! Thanks again!

  25. M.D. Avatar

    Honest, I’ve seen surgeries that were simpler than what you’re demonstrating here.

  26. Rose Avatar

    So I finally got a chance to use this, and it is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much.

  27. Linda Avatar

    Excellent toot!
    Will use on my 2 toe ups on one circ currently knitting. Thanks so much!

  28. Kellie Avatar

    fantastic tute and just what I needed!! So far so good on heel #1! Tute printed and at the ready :)

  29. Tilly "Tennessee" Avatar
    Tilly “Tennessee”

    When I am trying out a technique—such as doing a heel, a neckline, a picked up sleeve in armhole, etc., I am too impatient to wait until I have knitted the entire item—so, I simply cast on (using invisible cast on, if applicable with “waste yarn”), then I “practice” whatever technique I am learning. I have a collection of different heels with the various instructions used for them in a “Project basket”. When I need to refer to doing a certain technique, I have the example at hand with the instuctions–the type of yarn used and the needle size.

    Buying a scanner, printer, copier “all-in-one” was one of the best purchases I made after learning to use a computer! I have a good collection of patterns, techniques, and photos of finished projects in the computer—and “saved” to floppies and CD’s. I feel organized for the first time in some 40-odd years of knitting—OOPS! I think I just admitted my “age”—

  30. Betty Avatar

    Thanks for this tutorial! I’ve only done heel flap so far and wanted to try short row heel for my current sock.

  31. Chelsea Avatar

    I found this through Crafster. Thanks for the tutorial. It totally clears up my issues with short rows and short row heels. You are great!

  32. Judi Kennedy Avatar
    Judi Kennedy

    I keep reading the explanations for short row heels and they just aren’t clicking. I’d really like to sit with someone and work through it. I’d be more than willing to pay for the lesson. I live in Clayton, AL, which is half way between Dothan and Montgomery, also about the same distance from Columbus Ga. Is there anyone, or any shop out there that can provide instruction?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. And yes, I have knit lots of socks with the gusset heel, none with the short row heel.

  33. Juliana Avatar

    Thank you for the concise and clear tutorial. My very first heel looked clean and well done, and that after a long, suffering struggle with sock knitting in general!

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  36. […] Pattern: Instead of following one pattern, I referenced techniques from multiple tutorials/patterns: Misocrafty’s Turkish Cast On Tutorial for Two-At-A-Time Toe-Up Socks with Magic Loop My Fashionable Life’s Elfine Socks Short Row Heel Misocrafy’s Short Row Heel Tutorial Cosmicpluto’s Short Rowl Heel Tutorial Wendy’s Toe-Up Sock Pattern Grumperina’s Fancy Lil’ Bind-Off Yarn: Koigu KPPPM Colorway P419, 2 skeins Needles: US #1 / 40″ Addi Turbos for Magic Loop Thoughts: For a long time, I had been intimidated by toe-up socks. But the fear got old and I grew increasingly curious to see why many knitters like the toe-up approach. Learning the Turkish Cast On and short row heels wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. Granted, I stumbled occasionally, but the excellent tutorials and patterns I linked above got me through. Photos truly can be worth many words. […]

  37. […] Pattern: Instead of following one pattern, I referenced techniques from multiple tutorials/patterns: Misocrafty’s Turkish Cast On Tutorial for Two-At-A-Time Toe-Up Socks with Magic Loop My Fashionable Life’s Elfine Socks Short Row Heel Misocrafy’s Short Row Heel Tutorial Cosmicpluto’s Short Rowl Heel Tutorial Wendy’s Toe-Up Sock Pattern Grumperina’s Fancy Lil’ Bind-Off Yarn: Koigu KPPPM Colorway P419, 2 skeins Needles: US #1 / 40″ Addi Turbos for Magic Loop Thoughts: For a long time, I had been intimidated by toe-up socks. But the fear got old and I grew increasingly curious to see why many knitters like the toe-up approach. Learning the Turkish Cast On and short row heels wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. Granted, I stumbled occasionally, but the excellent tutorials and patterns I linked above got me through. Photos truly can be worth many words. […]

  38. […] I liked knitting this sock. I had a hard time with the short rows, since the Fixation seemed to wrap its elastic self really tightly around the stitches. I’ve since found this good tutorial from Cosmicpluto that gives more detailed instruction. I love the knitting Web. […]

  39. Kay Avatar

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for this tutorial. After reading many different instructions and looking at many different pictures, yours is the first one that actually made sense. Thanks again for your clear and concise instructions!!!!

  40. Heidi Avatar

    Is the end effect not the same as increasing a stitch purlwise, what you call “wrapping” a stitch when making a short row heel? I just made a pair of baby booties from the ankle on down, and they used a short row heel for that. I just didn’t get the whole wrapping thing, still don’t, but the way it was explained with the purlwise stitch increase it made sense and worked perfect. I will use this to finish up my toe up sock now that I found this method.

  41. Jen Avatar

    Thank you soooo much for this tutorial! I have wanted to try the short row heel for some time, but it always looked too complicated. I printed out your instructions and “just did it”. It is not NEARLY as hard as I thought. You have great step-by-step instructions. Thanks again!! :)

  42. sheepishone Avatar

    Your tutorial totally rocks!! This is the first one I’ve seen (whether the others were in books or online) that has made complete sense. Your directions are clear and concise and the accompanying photos are picture-perfect! Thanks.

  43. […] On the next row, work the first stitch and the wrap together. Turn work and knit (or purl) to the next wrapped stitch; pick up the wrap and knit it together with the stitch. For a better explanation of short-row heel technique, see here. […]

  44. myrtle Avatar

    Had to thank you for your short row tutorial. I have always wanted to do it but could never find an easy way to do it. I looked at a lot of sites and blogs yours was the best ever.
    Thanks again for your knowledge

  45. Elaine Avatar

    Oh thanks, it’s been a mystery to me and my baggy heels. No longer – have just finished the snuggest fit ever, am now a convert to toe ups! Much appreciated.

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  49. wenchlette Avatar

    I love you. I literally love you for this tutorial.

    Me and my lizard ridge squares are actually proposing marriage to you now.

    (on the wrong side rows i was picking up the wrap from the wrong side.. how ludicrous is it that I couldn’t figure it out?! MUCH LOVE)

  50. Kathy Avatar

    Yay!!! I finally got the short row heel to work thanks to you. I’ve tried other websites, books and even sat down with a friend. I think I was also picking up the wrong side wraps wrong. It seems right to be wrong but it is right to be right even when you’re wrong. You are a miracle worker to be able to cut through the load of “logic” that I carry around.
    Thank you,

  51. Corinne Avatar

    Thanks so much for this, with this tutorial, my third try at toe-up succeeded!

  52. Marian Moldan Avatar
    Marian Moldan

    This tutorial is grounds for a marriage proposal. I love you…I really love you!

  53. Judi Avatar

    I have tried several methods of short row heels and after picking up my wraps, I can never make both sides of the heel look the same. One side (the purl side) looks really nice and the seam is close and finished looking. The other side (the knit side) always looks like it has holes in it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and it doesn’t make any difference which method I use, I always have the same result.

    If someone knows how to fix this problem, please advise.

  54. Heather Avatar

    You’re a lifesaver! Thanks for helping me knock one of my New Year’s resolutions off the list!

  55. stefanina Avatar

    Many thanks for your graeat tutorial. All the photos are perfect to show how to.

  56. CabinGirl Avatar

    At last, short-row instructions that make sense to me. And just in time for the heels of my first toe-up socks. Muchas gracias!

  57. aditi Avatar

    Thank you SO much for this! I actually used the tutorial on misocrafty because I was frankly a little intimidated by the knitting and purling of so many sts at the same time for my first short row heel. My first attempt had holes where the heel and instep rejoin and I was thinking maybe I ought to wrap the first instep st on each side and lo and behold – that is exactly what you recommended! Thank you for such a fabulous blog and wonderful tutorials!

  58. LynneM Avatar

    This may become my “heel of choice.” I’m very pleased with the results and your instructions were very clear. Many thanks.

  59. Laura Avatar

    Thanks for the pics! This helped me figure out a pattern tonight. :)

  60. […] The other thing I tried was slightly different short row techniques for the heel turn. Since I knit the backwards heel flap because of my high instep, I just use the short row to get the heel cup. I used the double wraps as chronicled by misocrafty and Cosmicpluto — the difference being misocrafty passes the wrapped stitches over the knitted stitch while Cosmicpluto actually knits the wraps. [Click for big.] […]

  61. jess Avatar

    You have changed my life possibly more than electricity and vaccines. Thank you.

  62. Alison Avatar

    Thanks for this. I am trying my first short row heel, and have tried two different sets of instructions, the ones from the pattern, and another set I found online.

    I couldn’t figure them out, and I have frogged TWICE.

    Your instructions are much clearer, and I shall try with a mini-sock. The photos make it clearer, and I can now see what I am trying to do.

    I’ll let you know the outcome………

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  64. Amy B Avatar
    Amy B

    Thanks so much for posting this! I used it last night to make my first short-row heel. No holes! It was super easy too. Thanks again.

  65. […] used the crochet cast-on from Wendy Knits, and I used Cosmic Pluto’s short-row heel instead of the one […]

  66. Alex Avatar

    Thanks for this great tutorial, very clear instructions!

  67. Sandra Avatar

    Hey, thank you so much for posting that tutorial ! I was searching for solution about the holes in the heel and I found your blog ! What lucky I am ! Bye !

  68. Kathryn Avatar

    THANKS!!! I was following a toeup sock pattern with a heel that made no sense to me, so I tried your heel here instead and it worked so much better for me. Thanks so much for such an awesome tutorial.

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  70. Alex Avatar

    One more question… how can I know how many stitches do I need to do before I start doing the short rows? I am knitting a 54sts sock and I’ve gone as far as 28sts on each needle and after that I don’t know what to do! please help me!

  71. […] given in the pattern, but when I knit up all the yarnovers, I had huge gaps. The third time, I used CosmicPluto’s short row heel tutorial and I finally had a heel that looked good! What a relief. The sock […]

  72. Ruby Avatar

    Great! I think I have it. The only problem I am having is on the purl side when I pick up the 2 wraps and the stitch, I can’t seem to be able to purl all 3 stitches together. Must be picking it up incorrectly.

  73. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you SO much for putting this tutorial together… I just finished the heel on my FIRST sock ever, using your instructions and having never done short rows before, and I’m thrilled with how it came out. This is the best tutorial I’ve found, and I looked all over. Awesome!

  74. Denise Avatar

    ooooh very interesting! Thanks!

  75. Jen Avatar

    Excellent work! I love it. I finally understand what to do with the wraps now!

  76. […] just skip the stripe that had had the knot in it, and now I have a perfect short-row heel. I used this tutorial and plowed through it until it was done. It seems that no matter what kind of heel I’m doing, […]

  77. […] amazed by the amount of knitters that took the time to explain (in detail) how to do short rows.  CosmisPluto(love her blog) has a tutorial, misocrafty another, and so on.  They were all great tutorials, but […]

  78. Marilyn Robinson Avatar
    Marilyn Robinson

    I have experimented, and now start socks toe up using the figure 8 cast on starting with 12 stitches each instep and sole, increasing to 64 around for me and 72 around for my daughter. I use sock yarn and two size 1 16 inch circular needles to make both socks at the same time. It is a bit tricky for the first couple of rows, then it is the easiest technique I have tried. I have been using the Sherman heel picking up with the encroachment technique. Your tutorial is so comprehensive and intriguing that I will use it on the socks I am making now with Paton’s stretch sock yarn. Thank you.

  79. Lirika Avatar

    Good inght, bloggesr =)

  80. Ola Avatar

    Where I may to find blogs ln this topic?

  81. Jessica Avatar

    Thank you so much! I think I’ve got it!

  82. Jane Avatar

    It’s been a few years since I made socks and the kid pattern I just started had this technique but no clear directions. I was so glad to find you and I have just finished my first heel, following along with this tutorial. Thank you – so quick and a lot nicer looking than picking up stitches along the edge.

  83. Beth Avatar

    I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU from me for this wonderful tutorial. Ever thought of doing this on video? I’d subscribe to you for sure (on youtube). :D

  84. sharon Avatar

    Oh thank you! That picking up wraps thing was giving me fits–I ended up with holes. Now I see what I was doing wrong, so I won’t have to go to my LYS and bug them! :D

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  86. cici Avatar

    I must try this. I have avoided short rows. Now I am ready to give it another try..Thank you♥

  87. Janet Richards Avatar

    Thank you – just completed my first short row heel (of many more to come) thanks to your tutorial. I have been avoiding it – but wow, it’s much easier than I expected. I think I will be changing how I knit socks now!

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  89. […] the Harris Tweed Socks but that’s all. I’m knitting them over 64 sts, toe-up with this short-row heel. This is Sunday night’s photo, I’m actually past the heel now (the joys of a size 5 […]

  90. Siena Avatar

    This was a great help for a beginner in sock knitting, thank you!

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  96. Helen Avatar

    I don’t always do short row heels, but when I do, I come to this blog post for instructions. Thank you!

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  98. nina Avatar

    At last, a tutorial I actually understand!! this has come out so neat I will be using it for all my socks in future, thankyou so much!!

  99. Ingvild Teigen Lund Avatar
    Ingvild Teigen Lund

    Thanks so much for the excellent tutorial :) :) :) knitting a short row heel is so much fun, I discovered!

  100. Julia Avatar

    Excellent tutorial! I’m making my first toe-up socks (after 30+ pair of cuff-down) and when googling “wrap and turn heel instructions” came upon this. My first heel isn’t perfect, but does not have any holes. Thanks so much!!

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  102. Rachel Avatar

    Thank you SO much!!! I wasn’t getting my purl side short rows to look right on my first ever toe up socks (with short row toe) and each side looked different. In theory the instructions sounded simple, but it wasn’t clicking until I read this tutorial. After ripping out 3 times I was about to give up on short row toes/heels and now I feel confident to try once more! So, thank you for that. I don’t care for the look of heel flap socks and didn’t really want to make them and be disappointed at the end of it all, now I don’t have to!

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  104. […] with wraps. No encontré un video, pero hay un buen tutorial aquí. Un wrap es una hebra que envuelve al punto y sirve para que cuando hacemos vueltas acortadas no […]

  105. […] straight up until the foot is as long as your underarm or at least longer than your foot Turn the heel using short rows Continue knitting straight up Knit 5 rows of garter stitch, 5 rows knit, 5 rows garter stitch Cast […]

  106. Catherine Avatar

    I usually do a heel flap, but I think a short-row heel looks better with really stripy socks like Regia Kaffe Fassett colours. I’ve usually done the double stitch heel but wanted to learn the wrapped heel technique as well. Your instructions were brilliant – thank you :o)

  107. Tessa Avatar

    Thanks for this very good explanation of the short row heel. I’ve done it before, but always seemed to loose stitches along the way, and got holes in my heels. This is the first time it worked perfectly! I prefer the look of short row heels, but because of the holes I got, I didn’t use it a lot. But with this tutorial, from now on I’ll only knit short row heels.

  108. BreameWak Avatar

    Your welcome everyone,
    My computer worked not correctly, too much mistakes and buggs. Help me, please to fix errors on my computer.
    I used Windows7.
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  113. Kelly Avatar

    Thank you so much. I was just about to rip my hair out with the last ‘tutorial’ I was looking at. I’m making these cool closed-toed fishnet stockings for my older sister, and it said to work this heel, and I almost cried. I’m pretty good at knitting but this is my first attempt at a sock type pattern >.<

  114. Anne Avatar

    I just finished knitting my first pair of toe-up socks using this tutorial for the short-row heel. All by my own! A great tutorial :-)

  115. paws Avatar

    Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial. The written directions I had were a little different, but mostly they were easy to misinterpret. I just remade my heel, and it looks much better!

  116. Darlene Avatar

    This is the easiest way to do a heel that I have ever seen. Great tutorial. Simple and easy to understand, plus it looks great when you’re done.

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  118. Eric Patterson Avatar

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  119. Alex Avatar

    I followed you instructions to a T and I am getting big honkin’ holes where I’m picking up the wraps. What am I doing wrong?

  120. […] row heel in D, following these directions and leaving 14 unwrapped stitches in the center. (or substitute your favorite short row heel) 3 […]

  121. Abby Avatar

    Thanks for this excellent tutorial–by far the best method and step-by-step instructions I’ve been able to find for this type of heel!

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  124. Becky Hayes Avatar

    Oh, thank you thank you thank you, Laura!!! I was trying to follow instructions in a sock book, and was about to lose my mind. I thought I was going to have to stick with tube socks!! LOL!! I dropped a stitch when nearly done and had to rip it out to start over on the heel, but I did get the hang of it very easily and was thrilled with the result. I’m not scared of short-row heels anymore! YAAAY!! Now, I can get into REAL socks and just knit my little heart out! Thanks, again!

  125. sammuel Avatar

    just got done with another short-row heel. thanks for the tutorial; i’d be lost without it!

  126. Emily Avatar

    Just another comment to let you know how helpful this tutorial was! Thanks for your effort putting it together.

  127. […] short row heel, with instructions well-described in this blog post, involves wrapping and turning stitches back and forth on half the needles, then knitting those wraps […]

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  137. Rex the Strange Avatar
    Rex the Strange

    Why wrap twice?

  138. Gail Avatar

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was incredibly helpful. I love doing short-row heels. :-)

  139. […] I finally cracked it after looking at this very good tutorial on the web! It also helped that I had a very relaxing day with a lovely friend today – just […]

  140. nicki Avatar

    Had a hard time understanding the pictures and wording is there a good video online that can teach the same method?

  141. Caity Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial!!

  142. Nikki Avatar

    Thank you so much, I think you finally solved my holey heels problem!

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  149. […] as it did not make sense.  I’ve never knitted “short-row heels” before and found the  Short-Row Heel Tutorial by Laura Chau online that made perfect sense.  I’ll keep you posted on my […]

  150. koytik Avatar

    Download blog:

  151. […] better than the traditional heel with a gusset.  I strongly recommend reading Laura Chau’s Short-Row Heel Tutorial.  It’s super easy to read and follow. Nutkins – Knitted using At Knits End […]

  152. kelli ann Avatar

    thank you for a clear and concise (and illustrated!) tutorial for this heel technique! the pattern i am knitting now has a pretty unintelligible explanation of a 32-st short row heel:: your step-by step explanations make me feel stronger!

  153. sara Avatar

    It seems like you do extra rows. My book says to end when both of the last heel stitches are wrapped. This takes me to the end of a purl row. I then turn and knit back to the midway point of heel – end of round. I knit the other part of the heel and the two wraps at the last stitch and continue around the rest of the sock, making the foot. When I get to the heel stitches again there is a double wrapped stitch to knit.

    I could not work out at all how to add wraps for the instep stitches. If I have just wrapped and turned for the last time, I don’t get to go near that next stitch. Only if I knitted another 2 tows before joining. But doesn’t this give 2 extra rows of height before rejoining. I have to say how the book tells me worked ok. No holes. But I am curious about what you did as I don’t perhaps understand properly. I find that instructions for short row heels tend to taper off very abruptly so I was pleased there was an explanation to fall back on – I was trying to do yours in preference but then I gave up. Usually no one tells you when the heel stops and the foot starts. You do but I still don’t understand!

  154. […] Short row heel wrapped twice (like I do it) pictures and text, no video […]

  155. […] as promised: a short-row heel tutorial | cosmicpluto knits!Oct 8, 2006 … Thank you – it’s basically what I already do, but I think I’m getting a little careless about how I pick up the wraps. I have a toe-up sock on the … […]

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  157. […] but I was still having trouble.  A quick google search lead me to the short row tutorial at cosmicpluto knits, from which I was finally successful.  I was so excited that I finally got something that […]

  158. Black-Dragonlily on Rav Avatar
    Black-Dragonlily on Rav

    Thank you so much for taking the time to take these photos and to write this tutorial.

    My first pair of toe up plain jane socks was a success and it’s all thanks to you!

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  161. Janet Avatar

    Is it just me or are the images no longer available with this tutorial? I tried Explorer and Chrome, but only get the text, no pictures. :(

  162. Megan Avatar

    I dont see the photos either. I think it would help a lot especially to the part about the wrapped stitches and picking them up. Is there anywhere else these photos are published that we can see them?

  163. […] right. The following 12 sts is your heel. Swap to your contrasting colour (if you want!) and work a short row heel (that tutorial is awesomecakes). You want four wrapped stitches and four in the middle before you […]

  164. su peck Avatar
    su peck

    Thank you,Thank you. I just spent $75 on books to try and figure out the short-row heel and your explanation finally made sense.