As of last night (since I just woke up this morning…at noon, whoops) the Rhinebeck sweater (which probably needs a name) had bottom ribbing (and ribbing on the bottom of one sleeve),

woven underarms,

and a completed yoke!

I’d written three charts, but didn’t use the last one – the yoke looked like it was getting a bit long. I just winged the colourwork in there – mostly just stripes anyway. I put in the short rows in blue, which you might be able to see in the photograph, and then finished up with a few rounds of ribbing. The yoke is the right length and it is FABULOUS.

The only things left to do are the ribbing on the second sleeve (seriously about 8 rounds), weaving in ends (most of which are already done), and a good wet block. I’m going to block tonight so that it’ll be dry and ready to go on Friday, and then it’ll make its debut on Saturday!

No sudden dashes towards the finish line, car finishing, or anything. Almost anticlimactic really.

(But I really need to work on schoolwork the rest of the week before we go. Dude, I’m so excited!)

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43 responses to “anticlimactic”

  1. Lise Avatar

    Love that finishing detail on the ribbing. Have fun at Rhinebeck. I’m taking your november sock class, so please wear it then so I can see it “live”!

  2. Julia Avatar

    Someday I’ll figure out how you get all of this stuff done so quickly! Do you knit in your sleep?

  3. cookie Avatar

    You’re going to beautiful at Rhinebeck! How can you call that anticlimactic?!

  4. --Deb Avatar

    It looks beautiful!

  5. jill Avatar

    Looks great Laura! Have a great weekend and try not to spend too much money!

  6. Katie Avatar

    Love your color work! It makes me yearn for a fairisle yolk sweater. Perhaps this one is in order:

  7. grumperina Avatar

    Your sweater is gorgeous! It has a distinct earthy feel to it, probably because of the main color. The yoke is great, especially the red and yellow section.

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Looking so good!

  9. alison Avatar

    Great sweater — love that yoke! Such nice colours. Now go and do some schoolwork, young lady.

  10. Alexandra Avatar

    That yoke is stunning.

  11. gray la gran Avatar

    there should be a meet up for finished rhinebeck sweaters! i’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on saturday for your yoked sweater :)

  12. Marlene Avatar

    Wow, it looks terrific! Have fun showing it off.

  13. Wendy Avatar

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  14. Laura Avatar

    Looks great! But since you have ALL this time now, don’t you think you should cast on for something else, like a matching skirt or tote bag? Come ON!! You have to be working on something down to the wire!

  15. Allegra Avatar

    Your sweater is fab! Have fun wearing it this weekend!

  16. dennymcmillan Avatar

    me too me too me too me too metoo

  17. Kelly Avatar

    Hi Laura – Maybe I’ll catch sight of you at Rhinebeck in your beautiful sweater!

    I wanted to send you a pic of some mittens I made out of your yarn…okay they’re not fancy or anything, but they are the first non-scarf item I have made since I learned to knit in February. I was testing to see if I could follow a pattern, if I had the endurance to do the second item (I keep hearing about “second sock syndrome”), and if I could actually make two things that matched! Voila. Of course, it’s all down to the splendid yarn. Anyway, the pictures are on my cat’s blog:

  18. Sophie Avatar

    Okay — I just saw you spinning yarn for this thing. How is it that you reached through the time-space continuum and suddenly have this near-finished creature? How many hours did the knitting take you, and where can I get some cybernetic enhancements to make me knit that fast?

  19. nicole Avatar

    I am a long time lurker, de-lurking to tell you that you are amazing! I love your work.

  20. anne-so Avatar

    You’re so fast !! And it looks absolutely fabulous !!

  21. Dani Avatar

    Looks great Laura, as usual!

  22. Jenna Avatar

    So great, and kudos for finishing early. I see a bit of car finishing in my Rhinebeck sweater’s future.

  23. Andrea Avatar

    Please, please, please post pics of everything you buy at Rhinebeck so poor yarn starved me can drool!

  24. Kirsten Avatar

    It’s lovely! looking forward to seeing it at Rhinebeck.

  25. Emily Avatar

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the final reveal! I’m really going to have to try my hand at fair isle….someday!

  26. Leslie Avatar

    You’re right, it’s fabulous! Beautiful colorwork.

  27. dennymcmillan Avatar

    will you help me knit mine now?

  28. Steph Avatar

    Gorgeous work. Can’t wait to see it.

    So what will you be working on in the party van?

    Two sleeps!!!!!!!!

  29. Jen Avatar

    Wow, it looks fab, I love it!!!!

  30. xiuxiu Avatar

    OOOhhh….beautiful yoke!
    I love the colors! Have fun @ Rhinebeck!

  31. jenna Avatar

    LOVE it—it’s fantastic! I gotta learn how to do this. Wear it well!

  32. jillian Avatar

    That is incredible! I find it beyond impressive that it’s not only from your won handspun, but it’s your own design AND with colorowrk, and on top of all that, it’s just plain pretty!

  33. Wannietta Avatar

    It’s wonderful Laura!! The colours have a great traditional look to them but don’t look old-fashioned. And your yarn … just wow.

  34. lynn Avatar

    that is absolutely stunning.
    fantastic colour choices!
    i love it, i love it, i love it.

  35. dennymcmillan Avatar

    1 more sleep.

    I get to play in sock yarn all day.

    Call me at work, or home. the only places I’ll be.

  36. dennymcmillan Avatar

    Hi rachel H.

    Didn’t our Laura do well on this one?

    1 more sleep , call me too I ‘m at the shop till 8,(teaching).

  37. Julia Avatar

    Wow. That’s gorgeous!! I’ll be sure to look for you (and your sweater!) at Rhinebeck!!

  38. princesspumpkin Avatar

    The yoke is BEAUUUTIFUL. I also love your Serrano pattern on Knitty btw.

  39. Siri Avatar

    Anticlimatic? Hardly. It’s stunning! With the sweater and the bag…you’ll be the belle of the ball!

  40. Tipper Avatar

    That’s a work of art! I hope you and the sweater are having a fantastic time at Rhinebeck.

  41. carolyn Avatar

    i thought i recognized that sweater at Rhinebeck! You are fast! Had to recheck the blog since i read thru lotsa blogs and usually just look at the pictures! visual, you know:) great job.

  42. jess Avatar

    ah! there it is! how exciting – i feel like i’ve met a celebrity (well, two celebrities, counting you!) great chatting with you at rhinebeck yesterday :-)

  43. Juno Avatar

    What I want to know is how I saw you – which I did – and did not see this, which is gorgeous. Am I stupid? blind? easily confused?

    It looks fabulous.

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