all-knit wardrobe

I’m way behind in my blogging! I’ve got so much stuff going on lately, it’s tough to get to it. But soldier on I shall.

cashmere undershirt

In my quest for an all-knit wardrobe, here’s an undershirt. Out of Habu 2/26 cashmere. The yarn’s dang thin, so I’m knitting with it double-stranded on 4mm needles for a light, airy fabric.

I’m up to the straps, so theoretically there is very little knitting left – but it involves things like measuring and putting things on holders and stuff. So it’s been a bit neglected. Plus, it was really mild the last few days so a very warm undershirt is not really needed!

But it’s getting about that time – snow was forecast for today, and the temperature’s getting seasonal. And I really want to get this off the needles. I have way too many projects going. Let’s not even talk about the Xmas presents!

For those waiting for the Rayne (noro wrap) pattern, I’m doing photos today. No matter what. So the whole thing should be ready this weekend.







3 responses to “all-knit wardrobe”

  1. Kristina Avatar

    An all knit wardrobe! You know such an idea has flashed through my mind as well, when late at night I try on all that I have ever knitting, you know just for fun.

  2. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Cashmere undershirt? How lux!

  3. Sarah D. Avatar

    I also have decided to try for an all knit wardrobe, but I need to channel Shiva or find a rich baron so I don’t have to go to class or make a living with my time:)

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